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Pitch Black is the best of the bunch.

Like I said, it has some stealth, but it’s not the focus of the game.

I’m also spoiled by games like Dishonored, Deus Ex and Splinter Cell.


That series in on my bucket list. Hard to justify rushing to own it when my new system is still a work in progress and I also have Assassin’s Creed and Devil May Cry to drool over, in terms of multiple game series.


The only one you would probably have problems running is the last one: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The first two (Deus Ex and Invisible War) are old games from ps2 era, and Human Revolution runs really well (it’s from 2011, if I remember correctly).


Those are the two I think Fanatical usually bundles pretty often.


I’ve heard multiple rumors that Deus Ex is slotted or was picked up by a studio for a remake, but I don’t know how credible they are.

In the meantime, might I recommend the Deus Ex: Revision (sold on Steam store for the grand old price of free)? It’s mostly a visual update for windows 10, and stability fixes for modern OSs. It makes a 20 year old game (that did not age well, visually) playable in 2020 so you can enjoy the award-winning story and dialogue. :poop:


Yeah, Fanatical usually has the games bundled (all of them I think) for a really good price.

Actually, I think I read somewhere that next week they’ll start the BundleFest, so it’s highly possible that the Deus Ex bundle gets to be on sale again.


Fast and Furious …:+1:t3:


just finished

and I loved every second of it, amazing game, certainly the best “Telltales-like” game I’ve seen, though i’d imagine that’s mostly due to the quality of the source material, and I also absolutely love the time period and the graphical style of the game

still playing

and somehow i think this is the best one i’ve played so far. i’m certainly enjoying it more than 1 and 2 (though ofc 2 had handsome jack’s dialogue going for it). I might even finish this one, maybe, possibly, and this one kinda makes me wanna play the third one as well.


That’s interesting and I’d never heard of it. I’m claiming it at least - trying to sort out some stuff left undone. T_T


Alright this is going to be a long one because I’ve played many games over the last few weeks as “trials” from XGP.

Timespinner - As someone that didn’t grow up on 2D side scrollers, I actually found this one enjoyable. I don’t recall having major issues with the controls, which suggests the layout may be different than usual (it’s been 2 weeks, i don’t remember the layout). Thus people used to the regular control scheme may find issue with this one. It was something I tried out mostly for giggles and have since wishlisted it.

Riverbond - This one is…alright. Probably something to get and play with friends to kinda mess around for a run or two. And I do really mean mess around. I think this particular game is one of those if you try to take it seriously it won’t be as fun.

Stellaris - I spent a lot of time into this and didn’t really get anywhere with it. It will require a significant investment of time to get a good feel of the game and understand the systems in place. I think I put in 8 hours and still didn’t understand everything. Then again I was doing a lot of exploring. I’m not a huge strategy person, so while I enjoyed parts of this, I was definitely sucking hardcore at it.

Subnautica - I didn’t get super far into this, but really it’s the graphics that drew me in. There is a pretty vibrant world. I think it’s something I would like to play further into sometime, even though I know the landscape will end up changing.

Pandemic: The Board Game - tried this out and single player was…well…boring. I played (and won) the tutorial game and wasn’t really interested in continuing. I suppose this would probably be better with additional people.

Riptide GP: Renegade - Cheesy story and stunts aside, this game appears to have tried to take a page out of WaveRace64’s book. I think it’s something to further try, especially since there is more than just the campaign.

Ori and the Blind Forest - This one I found the combat to work well and overall thought it was pretty good. I wasn’t super enthused by the narration style, but it’s alright.

Neon Chrome - I found that I rather enjoyed this top-down roguelite. Each run you get to choose from a list of 3 people with different traits. Then you basically run and gun your way through the “floors” to try and get to the top.

Munchkin: The Quacked Quest - I whole heartedly recommend that you never ever play this game. It’s a party game. The humor is about on par with “Knock-Knock” and “Why did the chicken cross the road?” jokes. I didn’t make it through the tutorial before I closed it down. Pretty much I would sum it up with this phrase: “It was really bad.”

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight - I couldn’t get into this one. It had the normal control layout and was what i would consider geared towards people who grew up with 90s platformers and enjoy the difficulty of them. It’s something that I decided to remove from my wishlist since I didn’t really get along with it well.

Minit - um. I’m not really sure I like it. I played a little bit and didn’t really get invested in it. Other than that I didn’t really have any problems with it though.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill - was decent. I think I would prefer if I didn’t have to unlock each stage. Might be something I would be okay with playing again later.

Faeria - XGP problem of it wanting to create an account and associate with my XBL account. I told it it was drunk, go home, alt+F4-ed and uninstalled.

Everspace - A space ship roguelite. It’s one of those that i’m on the fence of whether I like it. I like the setting, but the music, the small map sizes, and some of the gameplay kind of kills it. Like getting a frigate spawned right on top of you when you are trying to run from like…5 corvettes (and you are in a fighter). I might be interested in playing it again.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - So I recommend this game. however, at this time I’m not super interested in trying to continue playing it. it definitely provides a different experience than other games. Hopefully I will be able to pick it up and play it through another time. The warning that I would give is that it delves into mental/psychological issues/illness. I would classify it as psychological horror in the purest sense.


No idea if this counts, but im still playing Guild Wars 2.
As far as singeplayer goes, I replayed Call of Duty 2 since I got it hardbox from a game collector. I used ENB Realistic Mod, felt like a totally different visual experience. What else I can tell about the game, its a classic and will forever be. Captain Price is a legend. I hopped on multiplayer aswell, was surprised to see more than a handful of severs still active and almost full.
I also replayed Mafia II, with all these remaster news going around. Quite dissapointed. They altered some driving mechanics to certain vehicles, added great hair details and animation, ruined the cloth animation tho, nothing has improved besides a bit visually, uninstalled it and ran the classic version with ReShade (10x times better than the remaster), its good you have this option available, because the remaster is awful, as it is with most games. The only one that shines is Metro, even tho its a redux, but man its well done job.


I’ve been addicted to Guild Wars 2 atm. It’s the first time I’ve played it though and I need it on sale again xD

but I have also been supppper addicted to Stardew lately:


4 hours took me finish this masterpiece, i dont know what specific genre of strategy is, but i can guarantee you a great time for a very low price, of course if you like this kind of games


If you are a freeplayer still and need something from trading post or help with gold/quests/achievments, let me know :slight_smile:
Also, it was 50% off for a while until like 2 weeks ago, aswell as the Living World Season 2,3,4.

Heres some good deals, gamivo site is trustworthy btw. If you want to buy, I recommend to buy Path of Fire first, as it may give you Heart of Thorns for free, if the codes were updated to the Standard version from GW2 official website.

This game is amazing, the least toxic community i’ve seen in any MMO, not only that but they are quite helpful. If you die while open world raiding, meta events, basically anywhere, people will go out their way to resurrect you, they also teleport you to the end of jumping puzzles. Everyone is super helpful and nice to you. Honestly came for the game, stayed for the community.


Oh,lots of fond memories of playing this game. It seems that its still going strong after so many years.


Finished The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.

I liked this one more than Escape From Butcher Bay.
They both play the same, but this one lets you be more stealthy, has a better story (IMO) and villain. It’s a bit shorter but at the same time more focused. The pace is better (on Butcher Bay you have more backtracking).

Some cons are the ending which is kind of abrupt. I was hoping it would bridge these games with the first movie Pitch Black. Maybe a 3rd game was planned but never came to be. The last boss is laughably easy if you know what to do. And the game seems buggier. Some cutscenes lost the sync with audio. Happened to me 3 times, but if I reloaded a previous save game, then it didn’t happen again.

Al in all, I really enjoyed these games. I think the Riddick character is cool and would love to play a new game in the series made with today’s technologies.


I’ve been playing Cities: Skylines (ended up being able to get the bundle!), Colony Survival, Arma 3 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. So…a ton of games. lol


Fell seal and Into the Breach. Fun Turn based games and trying to get more achievements.


Into the Breach feels like “Chess…With Bugs” and I love it. I need to play more! :poop:


Few more XGP games.

FTL - You can only have one of these three: Ship Upgrades, Crew, Weapons. This one I’m not sure I’m super into. It was fun and interesting at first but by the time I decided to stop it wasn’t fun. Maybe I was playing wrong and you’re supposed to stick around in sectors longer. Either way I would only get so far and then just get randomly pwned by a craft. Left a bit of a bitter taste when you’re doing good and then get massacred by a single small ship.

Die for Valhalla - The tutorial was irritating. I read MUCH faster than the game would place up speech bubbles and would have to sit and wait for like 30 seconds for the next bubble to appear. I didn’t really care for the cheap animations and the combat just didn’t feel super smooth. I didn’t end up finishing the tutorial before shutting down in annoyance/boredom.

Dead Cells - This game and I got along pretty well. I felt I was doing somewhat decent. I ended up dying twice, once to the environment and once to a challenge room environment. I made it through 1 section and then 2 sections my first and second run, respectively. I’ll need to continue playing sometime. (lady at the spawn station is ANNOYING though, shut up and let me go do things please)

Descenders - I liked the camera layout but dislike the tricks and stuff. I also don’t like the “You only get X fails per REGION rather than course” Honestly, if they mashed descenders graphics and camera angle with Lonely Mountain, I think I would prefer that game. Oh and this has a MP component supposedly? Yeah, turned that off immediately.

Next up Crosscode, Creature in the Well, Children of Morta, Book of Demons.