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@choujiacheng Eeek! The mega blush! Very welcome. mew.


I’ve started a rerun of Odyssey. I never got around to beating it (performance issues lol) and then I had bought the season pass, so there’s DLC I haven’t played yet either. I’m still Kassandra though. I just feel like she is the default option. I know many might disagree with me, but it just feels…right. Just like with Mass Effect with Jane. lo


Most recent I’d say was Influent. Other than me not being sure how to fly the plane around corners (instead of you know, straight into the wall), it’s actually a very good way to learn vocab and reinforce your pronunciation. I love that they give you synonyms for the items too. Bonus points for that.

Only messed with the French as a refresher and since it is free, eh heh. May give the Korean a try. They don’t have Thai yet. T_T In all fairness, the other language DLCs are very reasonably priced: $4.99 USD each.

The ‘game’ seems primarily for beefing up vocab - not necessarily for writing or reading the language, as far as I see. So the Learn Japanese to Survive series is still a must for me to do before I think of that particular language pack.


Your rig would be fine (60+ fps) at medium settings for sure, probably could handle high…but it would definitely run it, I’d be in absolute shock if you couldn’t. Your GPU is actually the bottleneck as even though it is new(ish) at 14 months old, it squeaks by at midrange and it is going to be the juggernaut doing most of the heavy lifting for a game like Gears Tactics.

It will be more of a limiting factor than the midrange 56 month old CPU…even though the 4 threads on your CPU will definitely hurt it’s capabilities for big budget AAA games with studios that can afford to optimize parallel processes correctly, it’s not going to be as bad as you might think.

In general, if you’re only considering the CPU/GPU balance for video games it tends to follow the 20/80 rule, typical Pareto distribution for the GPU doing most of the heavy lifting since the CPU specializes in number crunching and timing. When it comes to all bottlenecks for gaming, I look at GPU first, then disk (do you have a SSD?), bus and memory (a quality motherboard and high-speed, sync’d memory), then CPU. It’s crucial to have a good CPU, but the standard and quality for CPUs has been very high for decades, so even a midrange, 4-thread CPU will churn out good results and keep up with the rest of the system.

Anyways, sorry to (slightly) derail my own thread - to redirect back on topic I played a bunch of Aven Colony last week, a space-themed city builder with some threats so defenses are necessary, but it’s not full go-on-the-offensive-build-armies-crush-opponents RTS. It was a quirky but interesting storyline to tie together about a dozen missions in a dozen different locations that quickly introduce everything to you (90% of the buildings are accessible in the first “tutorial” mission) but then slowly introduce different challenges, threats, or goals. I took the extra time to 100% it because it was entertaining and relaxing, plus I was competing against a friend (Drauku) which made it even more engaging. To top it all off, the graphics are great – screenshots look gorgeous and you can get some beautiful alien landscapes in the background to your humble pods, processors, rovers, and tubing dwarfed by foreign trees, cliffs, worms, or other wildlife. Truly a fun and enjoyable experience, I recommend to anyone that likes space-themes or city building.


Thanks for the detailed explanation :hugs:

Anyhoo, because I was so distracted by both XCOM Chimera Squad and Gears Tactics, I didn’t find out until tonight that Pokemon Clover, the most offensive and non PC Pokemon FireRed ROM Hack was just updated last April 22nd :roll_eyes:

People can have both Pokemon Sword and/or Shield and TemTem as Pokemon Clover is where it’s really at :grin:


Oh really? What does Clover have that Temtem etc does not? Curious?


just finished the hex

honestly very underwhelming, some nice references and some enjoyable passages, but mostly it’s just a bore to get through


I’m not finished with it but those are my pretty much impressions as well. I want to see how the story goes but the game is just not fun.


Racist humor, racist Fakemon, internet memes, insensitive humor, an edgy Rival and swearing, basically 4chan things you normally won’t find on a kid friendly game. So much so the project was removed and perma banned from the PokeCommunity ROM Hacking forums, they do recognize that the ROM Hack is well polished and worth playing though just something they don’t want to host.


Sounds realistic but yeah, not safe for work, O_o… Wow.


The project was just pulled out of PokeCommunity just last year because the site’s priorities changed. Up until its removal it was actually very popular. As an example of how NSFW the ROM Hack is, the game’s token HM Slave is literally a racist stereotype. The Region’s Profeasor cusses at you, one of your rivals is an emo prick. As for the game’s starters, one is a Sperm monster, one is a grass a~hole and the Fire Starter is a terrorist. It’s like if South Park made a Chinpokomon ROM Hack :blush:


Does it start with a single move “Self-destruct”?

Game sounds like it would be funny, if you were in the right mood/mindset.


It doesn’t but it’s in its move pool. Also the Grass Starter is my fave in this


So i’m gonna rant about Hitman 2 now for a bit.

First of all , is this game just great? YEAH , i mean i love it and that’s all i have been playing those few past days.

That said , what the hell is the point of Hitman 2 ? It’s just same game as Hitman 1 so they could just add more missions to Hitman 1 and have the same end-result. Only new game mechanic i’ve spotted is a suitcase in which you can transport concealed large firearms which makes it easier to transport something like a sniper rifle to a elevated spot. If there are any differences between 1 and 2 they are completely invisible to the player and must be only meaningful game engine-wise.

Which leads me to another gripe i have with this particular type of game release . You can buy whole first game as a DLC which to someone like me , who have played a lot of Hitman 1 ( just on a different platform ) is quite frustrating. Not only do you have exactly same tutorial for the second game as you have for the first one ( and there’s a lot of achievements tided to a tutorial section which i have no interested in playing once again ) , you have whole first game as DLC ( with all the achievements ) . So from 146 achievements for Hitman 2 , at least half of them are tied to content from the first game so if i would for example want to have this game at 100% , which i do because i do really enjoy it , i not only have to buy first game over again , but regrind all the achievements for it as well.

I just find it baffling and infuriating how they handled this reboot of Hitman.


Herm… from what you describe it does sound like more of a reboot than a whole new game… or maybe like Hitman 1: part deux!


Well, I played Abzu for a bit…Oh wow…What feels and the colours…Gives new meaning to “swimming with the fishes”. I need a new controller…Definitely!!! But it was so calming and helped me to sleep a bit better as I played the events back in my mind.

Then I played a bit of BAFL(Brakes are for Losers). Thanks @YQMaoski :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: I had a fun time with it even tho I was awful at it.


I bought it yesterday, and i start to play it in the morning, wanna mention how difficult can be, because you need to block attacks on especifict directions but its kinda enjoyable, obviously if you like suffer :triumph:


I like watching the suffer of let’s play dudes - want to stream your gameplay for your Chronies? :stuck_out_tongue:


10/10 would watch!


Only option is to git gud!

Oh lol then you would have loved watching me play Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition on PC years ago when it just hit PC . I had no controller back then so i’ve played with keyboard+mouse, game had no community mods so it was locked to 30 fps and it was my first Souls game … it was a mess and my first playthrough took me around 70 hours ( for reference i’ve beaten Dark Souls Remastered in 20 hours few months ago ). I was literally stuck for days on some bosses. Unimaginable now.