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To those curious, this is what dear sweet @M00 was referring to…

Seriously, MAJOR SPOILERS ahead


Now don't you go peeking here.

I think the most amusing thing about throwing Vader at you towards the end there is that in almost every game or other media property the protagonist has plot armour. But thanks to the established situation within Star wars here comes an antagonist who has absolute plot armour. There is no way possible you would ever be allowed to in any way beat, match or barely even hamper Darth Vader. That the two of them even does manage to compete with him head to head even for a moment is kind of strange.

This also makes using him as an antagonist both kind of pointless and silly. He just becomes a mechanic a way to force the player to run away. They could just as well have started filling the level up with lava or something to have generated the same situation.

Finally my take on the end is that what’s his name through these visions of the future realizes that if he were to have to take care of all these whining, sniveling little shits he’d quickly descend into the Anakin school of youngling supervision. “Eh whatever, lets just leave them to the force, yeah?”


That’s why i didnt even try to attack him, I immediately turned around and ran into the closed door and asked the game to pls open the door :joy:

As for Cal’s decision, i believe his visions made him understand he would probably fail to protect them and that they would fall to the empire regardless [but the whole point of being a jedi is to face your fears, not give into them], but there’s also the Nightsister’s influence who at several times asks him if the Empire would even be after these kids if it weren’t for them being after them in the first place (or more properly put, if they wouldn’t be after the Holocron containing their IDs, the empire wouldn’t even know about them in the first place)

Regardless, he decides to leave them alone so as not to put them in danger and rather destroys the holocron, but that is so weird cuz the game basically negates the whole game and your whole reason for doing everything so far in the first place.

It also doesn’t make any sense that a jedi would just rather decide not to try to rebuild the order, and it would even make less sense that his companions (except for the nightsister) would just quietly agree to that, especially Cere herself, since then what the heck was the point of them even saving Cal at the beginning of the game then???

it’s like in the end, they just decide, hey, rather than rebuilding the jedi order and all that, let’s just be a band of weird misfits like the guardians of the galaxy

this whole discussion rly isn’t going to cut it as a valid reason for missing my deadline…

i think i’m finally done editing now @Fraggles @GeekInUndies


Well i’ve started playing just dance lool it works gud for the nintendo switch tho. They have the just dance unlimited free month atm so thats better.


I started playing Mercenary Kings (a game inspired by Metal Slug but giving it another focus) and Battleblock Theater with friends 1 week ago. I am very addicted to both of them lately. :smile:


Oy, both of these games are on my top faves list! What a great choice! I had an absolute blast playing BBT with multiple friends, shame I never tried a real co-op run through of MercKings tho, only played a bit with a friend that came over. Have tons of fun m8!

You can never get tired of pushing your friends into the water :rofl:


Finished playing Tomb Raider (2013). What a fucking ride, from start to finish it is such a polished and engaging game that I wholeheartedly was there from start to finish. Usually games that aren’t visual novel like experiences ala Telltale have stories that don’t grab me: Darksiders, the first one at least, has some cool concepts and character possibilities but it has not been grabbing me with War being particularly boring. This one has characters that actually has an identifiable personality. Sam’s the only one I don’t care for but everyone else ranges from decent from great, in particular Lara Croft herself is a great character, forced to become more confident and assertive in a way. The action was cool although I don’t think the bow is great for combat situations. The QTEs also kind of bother me here as it is all time based and the shaky cam in earlier parts got on my nerves. Exploration and puzzles are reduced in priority but they can still take time for those who are not great in puzzles like myself. Most of them are found in optional tombs as far as I can tell.
I guess that’s it really. Currently playing Spec Ops: The Line and a shoutout to @Danacscott for the free copy of Spec Ops! Thanks again


That’s true. :grin:


Playing XCOM: Chimera Squad currently which just released. Only played a few missions and its basically like other XCOM games on a smaller scale with some slight twists to the formula. It’s on sale till May 1st for 50% off, so its only $10 USD, if you want to scratch the XCOM itch you have this might be for you, but maybe check out reviews first as some of the bits they cut and change might put you off from getting this.


only $8 on humble btw, if u have the choice reduction at least


Finally got Pokemon Sword on Switch, so I’ve been playing it like crazy. Trying to collect every Pokemon as I progress, so I’m spending a ton of time in each location. :sweat_smile:


It’s a bit hidden, but XCOM 2 is on free week for 4 more days.


Well, I have played, over the last couple of days, the following games and have rated them out of 5 (5 high):

Game Rating comment
The Messenger 4 Requires '90s level of git gud skill i don’t have and not sure I want to spend the time to get
The Banner Saga 4 interesting take on combat, supposedly difficulty doesn’t restrict you.
Tacoma 4 relaxed walking simulator basically.
The Talos Principle 4 The “God” portion of it got old fast. Puzzle game with decent graphics, might be something to get on sale or in a bundle.
Sunset Overdrive 3 Theme doesn’t sit well with me. controls, to me, are meh. Got bored.
Silence - The Whispered World 2 3 straight up got bored.
Ruiner 3 combat didn’t really feel that fluid to me. Ran into issues almost immediately due to needing to dash and being unable to. NPC “overlords” are more annoying than helpful
Full Metal Furies 2 Settings menu is absolute shite, actually no, shite is better than their options menu. I’ll post a screencap below. Nerfs mouse movement speed to half of the Windows speed. combat is in the vein of Castle Crashers and does it worse.

Like seriously. What the **** kind of settings menu is that?


Don’t laugh. I finally got around to playing the old original Starcraft. It’s a bit like the old Warcraft 2 I’d say.


Just got a hold of XCOM Chimera Squad :blush:

I seriously considered getting Gears Tactics instead but I was uncertain if my rig can handle it. My RAM is 16Gb, GPU is a GTX 1660 Ti, so basically good there. My problem is my i5-6500. On the game’s system requirements it says an i3 Skylake CPU is the bare minimum. i5-6500 is technically a Skylake generation chip but I’m unsure if it will be above the bare minimum :expressionless:


I just finished the first season of the walking dead and I’m not crying, you are! T_T


I’ve mostly been playing on my switch lately. Animal Crossing and the rerelease of Puzzle Quest.


Barotrauma with my friends. This game is so weird, and that’s a great thing. Multiplayer is where it really shines, too. I couldn’t imagine playing it alone, although I’m sure NPCs are more than enough. The craziness that ensues should be shared with friends. lol

Also, Pokemon Sword! I managed to trade a newly hatched Pawniard for a lvl1 Growlithe. :smiley: I also threw in some random extras into the Wonder Box and got some Evees. lol


Got done playing Spec Ops too. Admittedly I don’t really love it as much as other people: the graphics could have been better optimised with less blurry textures, even with max settings. I suppose since they want to aim for console optimisation it might’ve been worse. The controls are also clunky to me, particularly the movement. I may have used the default setting, but I doubt it would mean much if I messed with it somewhat. The sprinting is the worse, ugh! With that said, the story and characters, especially Walker, is a caliber above the rest. I also am not super critical on it’s gameplay since it wants to subvert expectations of shooters released around that time. Not much else but I overall enjoyed it very much and can see why it developed such a following, even if it is more of a one and done kind of deal. Thanks once more to @Danacscott for the free copy.