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Rage 1 was really one of those games where you cant say it’s bad but it just doesnt feel fun to play. I’ve tried it two times now , one way back then it came out and second one just recently ( two or so months ago ) . Stopped due to boredness both times.


Yeah, but that one straight-up doesn’t have a release date and hasn’t. But it’s a tad dumb when almost my whole new release page is stuff that isn’t out yet.

Amazon is pretty bad with it too. I remember at least half being games that were releasing in a month or more. Including Yoshi’s Crafted World.


What would leaks be without amazon, am I right?


Recently got back into FFXIV. Anyone here play?


with the new steam event i play so much games
im back to play cs2d not1.6!!! but 1.6!!!
i play short time super create box is like good tutorial with insane gameplay difficult looks so good for free game
i can’not won downwell cuz the game have frogs and the frogs are toxics
I PLAY TRANSISTOR THE BEST GAME IN THE w0rLd idk i play 15 minutes but i want to complete the game in one week,this game this game this gaaaaaaame,the art is beautiful with magnific music envyromet,gameplay is just perfect,part of gris are inspired in this game
i play 2 hours l4d2 is good but the dedicate serveers are so so bad
and TERRARIA i starting the hardmode and grinding so much hours blocks for builds and have good ideas like wizard castle or robotic house


I want to try it out. Going to make it point to do it tomorrow. Got so busy with rearranging this room, haven’t had the energy. :slight_smile: How long have been playing, @KittiBear?


On and off for a few years c: Made a new character though. If you end up playing I’m on Adamantoise server if you want a friend ^^


@KittiBear Can you play on more than one Server? I know another Chronie on Chrysalis server I think.

Also, today’s plan vetoed by having to do a lot of travel to get important meds for my mother. Fairly bushed now.


with a basic account you can make a character on each server (only one) and if you feel like playing on another server with a character you made you can pay for a world transfer but it’s best to just start a character on the server you want and stick with it since it takes a long time to get to max level and stuff anyway. The main draw of world transferring is if your friends started to play and they’re on a different server than you.


@RaccoonV I also started on Albion, this week! How’s the lag for you? Pretty insane for me and I might have to drop it.

As for myself, I’ve started playing Cultist Simulator and so has @Fraggles. We’re figuring it out… Kinda.

I’m still going at it with Hollow Knight and happy as heck with my progress in it so far. Thanks @Gnuffi for the company and the tips! :hugs:


@KittiBear and @Rhyagelle Is it just me, or is it that for the Free FXIV trial, you can’t add the Heavensward expansion to it?


No, I don’t think you can. They act as two separate games. That’s why when you finish the trial you have to buy and download the full game. Only the account can carry over to a service. Then you will be able to add the expansion via Mog Station.


Dipping my toes back into swamp that is Dead by Daylight . I’ve already quited this game 3 times but always come back after a while for some reason. Well… reason is game is really fun and addictive but as any multiplayer only game it’s ruined by people playing it :smiley:

Anyway anyone else plays it or thinks to start ? If you are new or thinking of starting to play i’ll be happy to tutor you as i have almost 400 hours into the game , you might say i know a thing or two .


Finally got to play A Hat in Time, it’s been in my Steam library for a while bc I knew it was insta-classic and one of the biggest hits in 2018, but wasn’t sure whether it’ll be interesting to play. I love it so much already. It feels fun just to move and jump around aimlessly or to search for secrets. And there’s lots to discover in every level. Even the filler text is fun.

Also the main character is super cute.


Aw… such a nice sloth! resists urge to pat Sadly I don’t own the game, but have heard a lot of people talk about it.




Finally got around to playing House Flipper. It’s so relaxing and it makes me wish home improvements were that fast and easy lol. I’d love to be able to paint my walls without covering or moving any furniture lol.

I haven’t messed with any of the garden dlc stuff yet, but its just a fun creative outlet ! This will be one of those games I’ll just have installed and play between games that stress me out for sure!


I love this game. And finishing to do lists in-game are also so satisfying :stuck_out_tongue:


I finally flipped my first house! Made 17k. Not too bad . I’m going to attempt a garden now :smiley:


The last few games I’ve played were Holdfast, Vintage Story, Minecraft and a new purchase in Stardew Valley. I’m trying games, as you can see, that is mostly relaxing. :sweat_smile: