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Ah, that makes total sense.
I’m really not sure how I got confused.


Tales from the Borderlands was SO GOOD. I wish that game had done better because it really deserves it. It matched the humor and style of Borderlands perfectly with a Telltale style game. It was so well done.


Just finished Transistor. Loved it.


Enter the Dungeon today:

first time 5th floor, first dragun fight, first victory :smiley:


Just finished Wandersong. Really nice game, and not too long.


Just sat down to play What remains of Edith Finch on PS4 two hours ago and well… i’m finished now :slight_smile: Really short game though really nice experience and touching story ( and i’m not a touchy or sentimental person at all ) . Not something i would buy since it’s 20$ for game which took me less than 2 hours to 100% but it came free this month with PSplus so i’m not complaining.


That was actually my GOTY when it came out. I relate to Lewis too much for comfort.


I’ve finally committed, even if it’ll probably be a one or two time thing, to a Time Card for FFXIV. Since one DLC was free, I just had to buy the next one for $19. So I have 2 months to get through the base, Heavensward and Stormblood. If not, I’ll probably drop another Time Card on it. I’ve wanted to play this game and get the story down for so long so, it is worth it for the fun story and gameplay. haha

It has been as fun as I remembered. The people are so dang friendly. You hope into a raid and if you do something wrong? No “lol stupid newb” or something, but constant help and friendly advice. If you ask something? The same.

I truly enjoy it. :blush:

(I’m gonna hop onto Monster Hunter: World because…you know it…The Witcher 3 event started! :slight_smile: )


Heard about this for the first time today… Want to try to it too though not sure computer can handle it. It’s been on my Wishlist for literally years, lol. It’d be a good chance to check it out.


It is a lot of fun! What’s your PC like? I can help ya out and determine if you can run it. :slight_smile:


Anyone here play Warframe? I play it on and off but lately I’ve been playing it a lot.


Almost a toaster.


Playing Iron Marines currently and really really like it! It’s from the makers of Kingdom Rush, but it is a RTS game. It has the weird but fun to find achievements for stuff that is happening in levels, for those who know the achievements for the kingdom rush game, they should know what I mean.


So i finally level’d up my new character high enough to even attempt Ashes of Ariandel DLC in Dark Souls 3 ( i could have used one of my older high level characters and go straight to DLC but i really needed to refresh my muscle memory plus i really wanted to get the whole experience from the start ) and boy is it hard… i mean hard even by Dark Souls standarts.My character is still considered too low of a level for that DLC but Dark Souls was never about levels , you can beat whole game with level 1 character if you are good enough . But in conclusion it’s just brutal as hell and i’m really carving my way through it step by little step .


Not anymore sadly. I think i’ve played for a little bit few years ago but when i realised that i will need to wait three days of in game time ( by in game i mean it doesnt count then i’m offline ) for new frame to get researched i’ve said i big ‘nope’ and dropped it.


Started with Albion Online a couple of days ago, having a fun time so far. :slight_smile:


I plan on finally putting Rage 1 to rest soon, more on that later. I will say that I gave it a fair five-ish hours around last year, for the first time I may add (since the last two attempts ended up with a frustrated quit and delete due to the game’s countless technical problems).

Now that Rage 2 comes out, it seems like it’s time for people to come out with newfound nostalgia for mediocrity incarnate, and I want to play this game again just to make sure I’m not wrong when I say that it was a thoroughly dreadful experience.

It’s great as a tech-demo, when it works. Otherwise, I have no idea how people could even try to defend it. The answer is obvious, I know: Rage 2 is out, so it’s time to get that internet cred with hot takes on why Bethesda’s hurt your favorite IP… but Rage 1 is absolutely not the hill anyone should be dying on.

More on that soon.


i agree on that,
tho i will follow it with the caveat it was a totally fine and absolutely playable experience for me -and i did enjoy some aspects of the game a fair bit even
seeing some of the bs surrounding rage 2 tho, i’ve decided to sht can it on face value and increase my mental disdain of bethesda publishing :+1:


So I was looking through new releases… and it seems steam has gone the way of Amazon for them. The way of “this is #$%@ing stupid”

If it isn’t OUT yet, it’s NOT a NEW RELEASE. How flipping HARD is that to UNDERSTAND?!


I don’t know how this stuff works, but I believe it’s not always entirely Steam’s fault, maybe developers set a date for release but then pushed it back further, and surprise surprise, shenanigans like that happens.

Sometimes I go through all the released games list and quite often I see a game among the released ones that is shown as unreleased, just stating that is going to be released next couple weeks or months, as if the initial set release date would be on that day.