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It was foretold in an age-old prophecy, so they had no choice in the matter rly. It is said the one who goes through that exact path will be hailed as a hero on Pandora and beyond.


My last played game was Squad v13, which got released the other day. It’s been one hell of an update. I don’t know if the 1 medic thing is a bug or not, but if it isn’t, they need to change it asap. 1 Medic a squad is killing squads, but by god the engineers and sappers are sooooooo great (my favorite class is stil the *AT and logi driver lol). :ok_hand:

I’ve also been playing a lot of Imperator Rome lately but with little time, gotta juggle my favorite games. It’s annoying. Where’s that time stopper I’ve always wanted? :laughing:

I know Imperator Rome is being bombed but a majority of its issues are, in my opinion, due to performance/tech and balance issues, which are being updated. The first patch got released the other day and it has already improved it immensely. Before it was like walking through hell and back dealing with the disloyal generals. Now it’s just torture.

Other complaints are about how it lacks content but it has plenty of content. What they really mean is it doesn’t have the 5+ years of DLC their other favorite Paradox games have. Does it have room to improve? Certainly. Stellaris did, and now its one of the best (in my opinion, top 2) strategy games on the market.


Playing Underhero right now (currently a coinshop game) and having a blast.


terraria with mods


I’m doing the same, lol
I’m curious now, which mods did you pick?


I’m still sad they took the hamdrax out.

I also need to catch up on content sometime.




So. I bought and played the game so many people praise as the ultimate RPG, or the best RPG ever made and that’s The Witcher 3.
And the more I played, the more obvious it was that…

it’s not even an RPG.

I feel so dumb right now. Should’ve checked before I bought it. Should’ve watched gameplay videos, read tutorials, read some negative reviews or just more reviews. I’m not crushed that I bought it, the game + two content DLCs were 70% off, it was a very nice deal. But I’m stoned by the fact that it’s not an RPG. As far as I can see, that’s more of an action/adventure, that’s not bad at all, but I’m going to need some time to get used to the idea of the best RPG ever being an action game.


How are you classifying an RPG if you consider the witcher to not be one?


On wikipedia under Characteristics section shows what most people believe what makes a RPG.


And why’s Witcher 3 not an RPG in your opinion? It’s not turn-based rpg or crpg but it’s still an RPG :slight_smile: You develope your character in aby way you want,you choose your gear,you make desicions and so on . It checks all the boxes it needs to check to be an RPG.

Besides that it’s just amazing game in general.


It is a game where I get to role play, and the way I choose to do so influences my experience. It’s nice when I get to create the character, but even if I don’t, I’d like to control the story and develop it how I see fit. To have many opportunities and chances to choose from, to feel immersion with the character, to change the world around me with my choices, actions or lack of them.

For example, Morrowind is an RPG. KOTOR is an RPG. I start the new game, create my own character and what happens next is totally up to me. With The Witcher 3, I’ve got to run where I want to, but the rails to get back on track are always somewhere near, and the whole game seems like a complete masterpiece that was created for me to experience. The story is already there, and it’s up to me to get to know it, not to create it.

I know that technically there are decisions like how to end a quest, or what option (one out of two or three for the most part) to choose in the dialogue. But it still feels like Geralt’s adventure, not mine; I’m controlling Geralt, but I am here to manage the fights or pick the roads, not to create or choose adventure - Geralt will manage that by himself.

I understand that this may sound nitpicky. But there’s another thing, and that’s progression. In RPG games, the action part can be present alright but it’s secondary to building and managing your character. In The Witcher 3 the emphasis is clearly on the action part. The rpg elements are:

  1. very limited
  2. clearly there only to make the action part more varied, they’re not the “meat” of the game.

There is nothing wrong with it, the combat is fun, but in a different sort of way. Different zones of my brain are active when I play The Witcher III; not the zones that are active when I play classic rpgs, but rather the ones that are active when I play action games, platformers and shooters. It’s not bad at all, it’s just a different experience. I understand that’s one of the greatest games ever played by many people. There are lots of nice nods to the books, and that’s awesome too. I just wish I didn’t think I’m launching an RPG.

Also, games can have certain elements from the other genres, and integrate them to create unique gameplay. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 got so much floor for character building, but people don’t call it an RPG. They call it an action adventure or a shooter, because that’s what the basis is.

ADDED after reading the discussion: I’m not saying that The Witcher 3 is not great. It’s beautiful, cinematographic and the combat is fun. Please understand that I’m not berating the game :no_mouth:


What you are basically saying is that you need to create your avatar in a game for it to be an RPG in your eyes.

You need to understand that you are playing as witcher. You cant equip mace and ice spells as a witcher. I think they do progression very well in a game and gives you quite a few ways to play considering what world you are in , it’s ‘reality’ and type of character you are.

But to be honest i;m not entirely sure what did you expect? First of all i think you should have played first two parts , that would have introduced you to world,characters and really type fo game you are going to play very well and second of all … well it’s character driven game :slight_smile: You either project yourself onto Geralt and play in a way you find most exciting ( and they sure give you a lot of room for that ) or you dont and skip games with established protagonists.

Witcher 3 is an RPG wherever you agree with it or not :>


abyssalsouls-Accesories Reworked -AFKPETS - AlexsAssortedArsenal - BetterTaleaPowereTool - Bosschecklist -Calamity mod -Census - Galaxium - HamstarHelpers - Inlustries - MoreChestLoot - More custumes - RecipeBrowser - Pimentaco lolwhat?XD - Thorium - Tremor - Vitality Mod i make this modpack folder with the modloader browser


relogic announced a 1.3.6 maybe on this year


Okay but what about Terraria 2? ;-;


You can actually play calamity with thorium and tremor? Wowee, I thought those would not be so compatible since they add so much stuff.

I’m starting with the modding now, so I only picked Calamity with a couple QoL and ease on the farming side, I don’t need to spend hours and hours doing that stuff again after beating the game the vanilla way.

I’ll check those ones too and see if there’s something interesting for this playthrough. :smile:


RIP Otherworld


re-logic post in 2018 about otherworld
the game have several dev problems in the past (maybe not now )


I mean, I played the Tales of the Borderlands and I really liked the game’s world, which motivated me to try shooter, but no way I’m waiting until 2020 (no tnx, Epic, not gonna pay you money), thus Borderlands :smiley:


Started with Dragon Quest XI yesterday, after some motivational talk from Yoshi :smiley: Love it so far. Had a hard time quiting on time because I needed to go to bed.