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oh look another reason to dump on Activision :+1:, them and their f’n license handling :unamused:


It’s on Bethesda too for refusing to get the license. They grabbed the rest of the franchise just fine.

Don’t even try to tell me it’s a value proposition if you’re going to get Quake 4 sorted out but not Wolf 09.


Last 3 days were a blur…

Forager took over my life, but hey, I can at least move on now…

No regrets, had a ton of fun. Even though I wrote my review at the 1.5 hour mark, the game surely lasted longer. I restarted a new run 3 days ago and plowed my way through the whole thing. It was about 38 hours of half idling, half playing. I did idle it going to sleep last night. Not sure if it really would have made that much of a difference, so probably could have shaved 8 hours or so off the time.

Guess it’s time to move on for now, I am sure I will revisit this game again… It’s too amusing to not…


I have officially beaten Pokemon Moon. Arcanine came in clutch during the champion battle. While the new area and features were interesting, I unfortunately think the previous generations were better. I’ll detail without spoilers when it’s not 5:45 am.


I finally unlocked the second gungeoneer added in the final Enter the Gungeon update. I’m currently working on getting the last achievement i need for that sweet 100%. When I need a break from ETG I’ve been jumping back on Path of Exile to grind currency, finish my last master to be leveled, and working on my unique item collection.


trying to play some A Hat in Time, Dirt Rally 2.0 when i can, and did a few runs in ETG last week, lots of fun

always feel sad about the games that i’m not playing/finishing actually, like Sekiro, Shadow Tactics, Mutant Year Zero, One Finger Death Punch 1+2, Risk of Rain 2, Borderlands 1+2+PS, Bioshock 1+2, AC Origins, and on top of that I bought Rage 2 which is coming out and there’s just no time



Yesterday I decided I was going back to Middle Earth, Shadow of war. But in the download time I played Space Hulk deathwing (the enhanced edition is leaps and bounds better than the original, and I wished I had skipped trying to play the first). I also wasted some time playing doodle god. 90 gb takes forevers to download so I needed lots to do.

All in all, both are okay ways to use time.


Arcanine is the goodest of the boyes.


Alright, it’s 12:15am. (finished at 12:45am) let’s try this.

So here’s my take on Pokemon Moon.

Short Synopsis (TLDR): It’s an interesting new take on Pokemon that gets kneecapped by design decisions and mechanics.

The new area, Alola, obviously a take on Hawaii, is interesting in that it is set up as islands rather than a continent. This produces dynamic based on said islands rather than towns. I found it was a “breath of fresh air” per say. There are new pokemon, of course, with their own abilities. What is really interesting was the “alolan version” of a select few pokemon. More on this later. There was also plenty of rehashes for pokemon. This is to be expected, so no biggy. I really liked that they changed up the Gyms into Trials and added a few more. The Poke Pelago is also an amazing feature, and is something I would enjoy seeing in further releases due to it’s immense utility. The only downside to Poke Pelago is it’s real-time gated. So this is all good, but why didn’t I like it overall?

Well to start out, Game Freak decided to include a couple of game mechanics that I personally think massively suck. Let’s start with the most annoying. Wild Pokemon will “Call for Help” All. The. Damn. Time. If you don’t one shot the sucker, there’s like a 67% chance it’ll call for help. Now if this was the wild pokemon’s turn, I wouldn’t have an issue. Only problem, it’s not, Nope, it’s an instant at the end of a turn. Trying to catch a pokemon, that sucks, now you have to deal with his friend/wife/whatever too. Even if nothing shows up, it’s still wasting time. Which leads me to problem 2.

The second problem is that everything takes forever. Picking up berries from a tree? 2 minute process because you pick up each berry individually, put in your bag, “Oh there are more berries!”, until you’ve picked up all 3 or so. Let me pick them all up at the same time please. The bushes were a much better implementation of this (thank you Poke Pelago). Cutscenes and other things seem to take artificially longer. It’s almost if they are trying to keep you playing or inflate the hours it takes.

Now onto design decisions. I’m going to save the biggest for last on this one.
The changes to the alolan versions also result in type changes. Some of them are interesting, but I feel like some of them were just done to make them more difficult to fight. Like Muk is Poison/Dark now, making Psychic have no effect. Is it really necessary?

They could’ve done something radically different with the Elite Four and Champion… they didn’t. SSDD.

Potential Spoiler

The plot twist was flipping obvious.

Last but not least, probably the most egregious of them all, although Call for Help is pretty close: This game feels like it is specially meant for young kids. You’re probably like, “well duh, Py. The main character is 11.” I’m aware, but what I mean is it’s glaring, obvious, and immersion-breaking. And that’s a problem. I never had this big of an issue with earlier games. I was playing along and just felt like I wasn’t supposed to be playing the game. A lot of the previous issues tie into this one as well. I feel like this may be why the game seems to be taking forever on things. In a game like pokemon, you’ve got to remember that there are people who have been playing since the 90s. They aren’t exactly 11 anymore. I dunno, it just kinda broke the game for me.


AC origins is so good! What made you not finish this one?


Congratulations on unlocking [REDACTED], I haven’t and don’t think I will anytime soon.
Mainly because I’m not good at Bullet Hell, only beaten the lich 3 times so far.
I did beat the rat for the first time, downside it was a rainbow run so I couldn’t open the chests to unlock the items.


I beg to difffer. It doesnt get more generic open world game than AC Origins. And Oddysey for that matter. Pointless busy work is not everyone’s cup of tea i guess.


I can agree with that the game has to many things you need to do to get all the achievements. But I enjoyed the story and still like the gameplay of AC games a lot… i really enjoyed it, till the last few hours when I was mopping up all the tasks on the map for the last achievements.


Thanks. Don’t worry it will all come in time my friend. I consider myself pretty trash at bullet hell games but it will eventually click. U can only get better the more you play so best of luck with it.


haven’t started yet, rly want to, but feel i should at least finish a hat in time, sekiro, Shadow tactics and Mutant year zero first, lol




when i see at what ETG has in store for players, can’t help but feel daunted(i’ll never beat/100% this), and that a hearty “well done sir” :clinking_glasses::face_with_monocle: is in order :clap:

suppose now i just wait for your next break from PoE so you can complete and give your full opinion/comparison on GD :wink:


I got the final trophy for ETG yesterday. I still have a bunch of items to still find. i mean they are unlocked but i haven’t found them in game yet. I’m still working on maxing out my last master on PoE I need 3 more tier 3 rooms in the temple she has u run. I swear i’ll get to GD at some point. :grin:


Started playing Borderlands to prepare myself for Borderlands 3. Never thought I’d actually enjoy shooter, I tend to dislike them.


Wait, you started playing a shooter to prepare for a shooter, but it was only while playing the shooter to prepare for the shooter that you found out you liked shooters?
If that was the case then why were you excited for the shooter that lead to the preparing for the shooter by playing a shooter?