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Raffle X: Forgotten knowledge


These are all excellent games I and wish good fortune to those who play them.

And for all those plying those long forgotten texts seeking the long forbidden by weaker men. Do not call up that which you cannot put down


Too late!


Hmm makes sense ;p
Reminds me of iphoneX


I’ll try my luck, thanks for the giveaways!

N. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: (20)


Thanks for the giveaway!
L. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: (10)


Only one game in this lis that is on my wishlis so i’ll just enter for that one :slight_smile:
Thanks for the opportunity of another great giveaway! <3

I. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:(20)


As I looked through my badges I realized that i have one that only 1 other person has (wow). Thanks for the giveaway as always. I am entering for…

H::tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: (20)


Thanks for the 10th giveaway, a badge worthy feat.

B. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets::tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets::tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets::tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets::tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: (20)


Really? Which badge?


when you see another giveaway



but, u dont have that badge, the page that brought u there is the page that shows all the badges on chrono, lol, not yours

only erninator has that badge

to see yr own badges click on yr avatar next to a post, then click on +18 more; those r yr badges


oh nvm then


Woa?! What?! Star Wars KOTOR I & II - 5/4/19 - $2.50/$2.50/$5 had 1.2k links!?

I guess the community died down and in the past there were thousands of visitors to that I never knew about? I thought that was one of those impossible badges. IMPOSSIBLE!


lol, that’s only 3 months ago dude


Where are these 1.2k people!?
Are they friendly?
Are they…watching us…:scream:


all of them are under yr bed right now, waiting till u go to sleep…


Don’t threaten ME with a good time.


not like that dude, they just want to make sure yr ok and once yr soundly asleep they’d leave with the comfort that yr all good


B. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: (20)
E. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: (12)