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Previously the Telltale going defunct story topic. Now general Telltale news.


well, good thing i immediately bought it upon release from Steam, or i wouldn’t be able to buy it at all now…


damn i feel that’s not just a super silly choice but a down right discourteous one for all those people that have the other seasons on steam or gog,
(crossing fingers they at least don’t forget to update the final season on those platforms for people that already bough :wink: :rofl:)


They stated that updates are still rolling out on other platforms, but it does come across as a bit of a stupid move on their part. I wouldn’t care much if their next title made it onto Epic as an exclusive, but… this game is already offered on GOG and Steam. Removing that option entirely is kind of a low blow.


imo platform exclusive for those non proprietary publishers is just straight up bullshit on the PC front already as is
forcing your consumers to have more and more background clients open -to run a stand alone executable to play something as simple as a game is getting down right rude
at this point i wouldn’t be surprised i’d likely more straight up boycott even a game i was very interested in than give into to this increasing bs practice. Bethesda net, Twitch client and Discord client store, MS store are already on my "wont bother in a million years"list, at this point i don’t think i’ll have any problem missing out on Epic’s games either, if they can’t offer their customers the user-friendly ease and courtesy of not needing to have a million different accounts to log into to play a freaking game, -just because they all want an ever increasing slice of a finite pie


It’s mainly the revocation involved that bothers me. I know that if EA had retracted Dragon Age 2, Dead Space 2, and Burnout: Paradise from Steam in order to make them Origin-exclusive, people would have had a fit.


aeh… they did exactly that, and other games too, like Alice Madness Returns, probably more i’m forgetting too
-and the dragon age thingy did make a couple of people a tiny bit miffed, myself included at the time


While it’s easy to think that more stores means more competition and competition is historically a good thing for the customers, exclusivity is not competition that benefits the customer. It MIGHT possibly benefit a developer if the various stores offers them benefits to be exclusively sold on their platform but this is not a benefit that’s passed on the the customer in any way.

When all stores sell the same games, then we will see competition that matters.


Apparently Dragon Age II actually got Gabe’s mighty banhammer. They didn’t pull it, they got kicked off and never bothered bringing it back. Crysis 2 also got pulled, but eventually found its way back up. I mentioned DA2 because I was sure I owned it on Steam… guess not.

Anyway, Dead Space 2 is still there. Just pretend I said Dead Space.


for me it’s not just that tho, (which ofc is just egregious in a whole way of it’s own)
but where i before didn’t really get bothered by having “a few” launchers/accounts, it has just slowly gotten to me more and more, -and “their” clients being prone to error haven’t helped
didn’t really take offense to Ubisoft, because at least they let me run my sht automatically through the same acc/Steam, for all it’s fault WinLive (for a while) did that too
Origin was ofc abysmal in the beginning, gotten a bit better i’m told, then the times i’ve had cause to use it it’s just not been a smooth ride, and give me cause to grind my teeth couple of times -and my main issue with their abysmal pricing leaves me no goodwill towards them either except for “rentals” on origin access(basic)
then Uplay decided it should get all buggy here and there, so the few times having to play my limited ubisoft library became a hassle, because coding a client is hard when you’re the greatest lover of drm apparently
Winlive went to total sht ofc
Then i’ve had constant battles with Blizzard App, which has to be the most atrocious client so far i have that i still use
for months it actually wouldn’t even let me launch if i had steam open, i had to fully exit steam before it would stop bugging out and proper launch the battlenet client, -not even mentioning the highly questionable and odd resource drains for a mere launcher, tho having it function as a frikkin ad platform might be part of it :wink:

so just reading about how atrocious bethesda net is, there is no grace to be found for me before even bothering to try it myself, or their "bethesda quality"games because why bother with a buggy client just to play the most buggy games in existence
Can’t say good or bad about Discord or Twitch client but i hate them on principal alone, since they have a browser function that works just fine, can’t see why i need 2 more clients just for whatever games they decide to poorly serve up.
And MSstore… well… luckily this system aint on win 10 yet, but i loathe it/them with all my heart just for being -anything that gives users less control in such a fashion should scorned scoffed at by instinct, uwp has got to be the worst format for games to ever have existed on, crossplay be damned.
(especially when you yourself mention their bs mandatory cloud save only completely destroying progress and a playthrough experience)
especially lovely it’s not even guaranteed to work on their own bs mandatory and supposedly “aligned” system. There is just no good reason for their travesty to exist (besides greed ofc) and when they can’t even guarantee a functional experience let alone process, they can fck right off into oblivion. Only used it once to no avail, the people close to me that are on win10 have had couple more run ins with it, and funnily enough they all “swore it off” settling for the ease of use and “actually working” properties of Steam after a couple of tries here and there

so yea now i’m jaded, and have nothing much positive towards publishers or other companies wanting to force me to run their shovelware -to be able to run a game exe… hell, i’m getting weary alone of managing all the various acc names, passwords and emails too at this point…

-well unless that 18% cut difference goes straight into my price/my benefit, i can’t see any reason whatsoever to suffer “another store” and whatever it might make me endure on top of all the rest


well, u must admit Valve doesn’t do that either, and the sad truth is that if these other companies don’t have exclusives, they won’t even have any customers, rofl


yea i know that excuse, no that was EA that removed it
they wanted all the money, and Valve woudln’t let them bypass their market rule at the time
reason why crysis 2 got back was because they didn’t pull the same dlc scheme after the complete edition came out with no extra purchase options needed
so yea, imo, ea wanting to be greedy even back then, wanting all the money, and rise above steams basic purchase rules makes it an EA decision to remove the game, they could have sold the dlc in the store if they wanted to, they didn’t want to share that sale, so removed…


true, but since Steam was “the first” i only needed that 1 acc in the beginning
now you need god damn software/pass managers to get around with all your accs,
or some a bigger hassle than others when switching from system to system or going with two factor verification
hell valve aren’t even being “mean” and forcing you to only sell on their store, you are free to sell elsewhere meaning you could set up your EA store, etc and get the “retailer cut” still while selling as steam keys and the customers got the ease of a unified platform hasslefree


i actually have a question about that, take the keys which are sold here, for example, they are Steam keys, so does Valve still get their 30% of the sales here then? i guess not, but r u telling me a company could basically put their game on Steam and just sell their own Steam keys themselves cheaper and keep 100% of the sale price then? How does that work? How does Valve prevent that?


you cannot undercut your steam price on your own store afaik



Valve takes a 30% cut because in the beginning the industry standard was 25% (set by retail stores like gamestop etc apparently)
Then Valve being “the first” to offer a fully digital service offered all these “bonus” things that publishers then didn’t have to concern themselves with, like servers, bandwidth, “stuff” etc, for that (among other) they felt entitled to take 30% -as i understood it

what you then get for the cut Valve takes (can) supposedly varies depending on the deal you’ve struck.

probably because of something along these lines

But yes valve prints key they let you sell at third parties, who those third parties is i haven’t really seen much mention of having been limited. Could say indiegala and humble and others that publish games, that are hosted on steam, still sell steam keys, so would seem to be allowed
Valve doesn’t seem to take issue with 3rd party sales (and thus probably wouldn’t with publishers selling direct on their own) given their marketshare and casual browsing purchases.

Valve kinda don’t have any incentive to fully prevent that for all titles
Many still buy direct on steam instead of using Itad for instance

So valve doesn’t really need to make all games steam exclusives only, -and i suppose it wouldn’t matter to them whether or not gamestop took 25% fee or if that fee went straight to activision direct on their own store, since either way it’s a sale “off steam” Valve wouldn’t have gotten. As long as they follow the sales rule(like your game can’t have X lower msrp outside steam/not be listed on steam at all while sold elsewhere), they probably don’t care since in the end Valve still end up getting their fee “somehow”/“from something”

think of it like this, you buy a game at gamestop, fanatical, chrono, etc, sure valve don’t get 30% of that
but they get a new user (exactly why Epic is doing these opening moves to amass new accounts with freebies etc) those users are then highly likely to later buy direct on Steam, from simple easy of use vs “having to go all the way to fanatical”

also remember via the new rules you don’t just get endless supply of keys, Valve need to see some money “somehow”, so if your game don’t sell a little on steam, you won’t just get 100.000 keys for you to shove on 3rd party sites


New trailer for ep 3 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Finally out in just about a week on the 15th.

Remember folks :exclamation: You’ll only be able to buy this season on the Epic games store from now on, BUT if you already previously bought it on platforms like Steam, GOG, etc. You’ll still be able to play and update it to the current episode.

Carefully optimistic to see how Skybound controls the helm now.


:mega: Announcement!

The Walking Dead: The Final Season ep 3 is out.