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Previously the Telltale going defunct story topic. Now general Telltale news.


UPDATE: They’re removing their games from steam, guys.

Sorry for lack of sources, I’m on mobile. Feel free to edit this post with sources. :butterfly:


Here’s some info:

“The report notes that several of Telltale’s games have disappeared from sale on Steam, including Back to the Future and Tales of Monkey Island. However, although the final season of the Walking Dead was temporarily pulled from sale, it is now back up on the store along with other Telltale games including Game of Thrones. Other platforms such as GOG, PSN, and XBL have so far been unaffected.”


WHAT?! I still have to buy Game of Thrones, nooooooo! :sob:


gonna guess that’s all part of licenses reverting back to rights-holders and asses/IP’s finding new owners
my guess that we will see some games disappear, be gone for a while maybe, and then some/few/(all?) pop up back again with a new publisher tag on it :man_shrugging:

sorta silly telltale didn’t take marketing advantage of their misfortune
"Going out of business sale: everything must go, get it now before it’s gone forever!" maybe they could have made a couple of extra bucks that way? :thinking:
(-on the other hand maybe that would have been cause for compensation to the old staff/claims, so maybe that’s why they just decided to wait until everything got handled with creditors??) who knows how,what,why they do anything, they’ve clearly had their heads up their butts for a while anyway
but i’m not gonna run out and buy up missing telltale stuff at full price over this news. Besides doesn’t really feel like a good cause to support such shitty managers at this point with a last minute 15$ purchase at least

will just have to see how it goes and what happens to the games,


Is there a place any cheaper??? Already have Back to the Future and the rest i really don’t care…



that’s not the Telltale games tho? :thinking: or am i wrong
(pretty sure that’s the Lucas Arts stuff that Disney now holds) ?


The Telltale one is the Tales of Monkey Island (of course it’s TALES :smiley:)

Steam link to the complete edition including all 5 chapters


:point_up: yea, thought so, really no reason to rush to purchase the old Lucas Arts classic then, since i think they get “regularly” discounted decently anyway (think i got the special edition pack containing the 2 special edition games monkey island 2 and secret of monkey island for like 3bucks)


OK…Thanks @onLooSe and @Gnuffi. Then I will wait. I was going into my Christmas money for that…which I really didn’t want to do…


PLEASE, god damn it Disney!!!.. It’s so sad :frowning:


yea, the “normal”/non-Telltale monkey island games seem to get discounted fairly decently regularly, ofc the last 2 have just been rereleased “recently” i think, 1 more recent than the other, so their discounts might vary a bit less, but for the 2 special edition games at least plenty of good deals fairly frequent
Escape from monkey island history, “just” released this summer (so far exclusively on GoG?)
Curse of monkey island history, released few months earlier
i’d definitely say there is no rush on that for now

the Telltale game Tales of Monkey Island i coudln’t say… no idea what’s gonna happen to it, all up in the air at the moment, -but it’s full priced “everywhere” atm it seems, can’t really say if it would be worth the 20$ just to grab it “now/in case” :confused:, to me probably not…


Do I need to get Batman?.. I might need to get the Batmans. I think I’ve got everything else.
30€ is a bit much though.


:loudspeaker: Very minor update

Game is chugging along after all and quote:
we’re excited to let you know that many of the talented, passionate team members who originally worked on the game are resuming development efforts today!

They’ll “soon” announce a release date for episode 3 & 4.

:thinking: hmmmmm… still gonna wait on that purchase though.


Huh… what is this, GOG? Quit the suspense!

happiness thanks, TellTale.


wuuut? :open_mouth:
GoG favours capybaras and not gnomes -who woulda thonk dat injustice! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

jk aside, that’s a pretty nice cool little gesture of them, :+1:
-and strangely “on cue” of them with this topic :thinking:

they are watching us …


Yeah I’m really confused… thought that happened to other people as well but no… they just gave me hecking tales of mi randomly? ???



They must not like Minbars either. All I am getting is emails that stuff on my WL is on sale…:thinking:


The Walking Dead: Final Season ep 3 has gotten a new release date and trailer. January 15, 2019

“You’re in my shoes now” So emotional :sob:


some news about The Walking Dead Final Season


It’s news time once again.

If you had plans on buying the previously available pc versions like Steam had, you’ll now be able to buy TWD:FS once again. But now only on the Epic Games Store. You decide if that’s good or not. :man_shrugging: