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Previously the Telltale going defunct story topic. Now general Telltale news.


Or, or, oorrrrrrrr I could just not play it?


:smirk: :+1:


So… TellTale is being sued by one of their employees…


wasn’t it a class action suit?


I’m still reeling from people disliking Bastion! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You keep on reeling on buddy, I was just an unscheduled intermission :relieved:

ye, but one of the dudes is like the head of it? I dunno man I’m just parroting stuff


Yeah, that‘s what I heard, too! It is a class action lawsuit but it is one person that filed it.


Hey guys, on March this year I read this piece:

Was reminded of it today on Reddit when an ex TellTale employee mentioned how it accurately described his toxic experience at TT years ago.

Figured I’d share here. :blush:

Also, @xist: taste is taste, man. Thank goodness we all don’t like the same shit otherwise I’d be stuck in an endless FIFA loop with those high school jerks I withstood for three years and many tears. shivers


:thinking:, nooo, what i like is right, because i only like the good stuff so therefore it’s good and the best, and everyone else is wrong if they like something else or don’t like what i like, thus only my games are correct to play, and obviously no other games exist, BECAUSE PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA IS DELICIOUS!! :triumph: :man_shrugging:
(and hamburgers should have pickles and ketchup… not mayo!)


Just to light the mood up a little. This thread here :point_down: is from one ex-Telltale employee who shared some fun hi-jinks while working there. A bunch of them have been releasing lots of enjoyable videos and facts from the Telltale vault over the last week.


OMG yes those tweets are so good!

Jake Rodkin is killing it with a bunch of cool pics and videos:

Also this:

Aaaaand now to bring the mood down again because I found two very well-written articles about this shitty situation:


Really I’m just kidding…Bastion is by no means a classic title, but it was one of those games that I felt compelled to fight for all the achievements, so it’s earned a special place in my heart. Plus there were feels…It’s definitely something worth trying though.


If we are talking Supergiant’s games in general. I never tried Bastion or Pyre,(intend to in the future) but Transistor though got me on board first with its atheistic, and its main character being a redheaded female singer.(hell yeah :ok_hand:)

The games’ limited color palette makes the world really pop out and sometimes even desktop wallpaper worthy, gorgeous. When i discovered it had a dedicated ‘‘hum’’ button, i just sat there and listened for five strait minutes. Great first impression.

But what ultimately turned me off was the unorthodox almost puzzle like combat structure. I know that’s its biggest draw for people. Probably me being too autistically basic-brained for my own good. :drooling_face:


Never was a big TellTale fan. I got Back To the Future and maybe one or 2 other small titles. But sorry to see this happen.:frowning:


:loudspeaker: NEWS TIME

Robert Kirkmans company Skybound, is swooping in to finalize TWDFS’ ep 3 and 4. They hope to bring the original team back to finish it with them.

Rob’s face says it all.

I’m still warily gonna wait for more concrete information before i decide on purchasing it.


I doubt the original team is going to want to work on the game after their mistreatment, even if it is under Kirkman, but I hope they can have some love for their fans to do it. Now if only Skybound could take over Game of Thrones S2 and A Wolf Among Us S2…


it still surprises me how a bunch of people don’t realize how business or financial “obligation” works
i’ve seen a bunch of tweets(from rando “strangers”/uninvolved people ofc) after this announcement proclaiming that this is not “totally good”/right and "only if Skybound pays the (former) benefits"
like as if one company, in aaaany remote sense should pick up the debt from a completely unrelated other company, just because an IP/license shifted. It’s mindblowing to see people think that Skybound should or even is, in any way, “supposed” to clear what’s owed in terms of severance, benefits or pay to former telltale staff, another, separate, business entity. More so “just because some worked on the same project/IP”. It’s really astounding
that’s not how anything works :dizzy_face: :man_facepalming:
it’s awesome that they pick up their IP to do it on their own(even if ofc for “selfish”/business reasons), even more so that they then opt to stick with and hire some of those that already are familiar with the project, that’s all a good thing
and i can’t see why those people wouldn’t want to do that @Rhyagelle, since the issue and mistreatment, grievance was with the former company/bosses not “the project” or work itself, -then getting hired/work “would be good”(imo), even a bit better if when you’re already experienced in a specific job/project that’s continued

but damn, the mindset of people and their ideas/insight into businesses :no_mouth:. It’s like when they think team devs, artists, programmers etc get a %/“cut” of sales too, and not just their “salaries”, just like everyone else with a job(that don’t have a stake in the business or even gets bonuses) :exploding_head:


They shouldn’t have any obligation and anyone saying that they do are just being idiots, to be honest. Idiots that desperately want their game released.

As for why I don’t think they’d want to work on it even under Kirkman/Skybound; because they might be too focused on the lawsuit against Telltale and their previous mistreatment to finish a game they weren’t even being paid for (supposedly) for the first two episodes (and other work). I mean, they did turn away work at Ubisoft (after the announcement) to focus on this lawsuit and whatnot, right? Or did that turn out to be a false rumor?


i can’t say “why” if they turned away work from ubisoft, :man_shrugging:
my guess would be because they are either not desperate enough for their(Ubi’s) work, (possibly considered Ubisoft don’t exactly have a glowing reputation in terms of “always” treating their workers well either) :wink:, so/or they might not want to take on such big/type commitment load so they can get their ducks in a row, be it lawsuit, other/better job opportunity, other obligation or whatnot,
only the individual worker could say what’s up for them/that precisely, tho i don’t think a lawsuit in an of itself excludes someone from taking a job, tho “time to spend” could factor in with “rejecting”/lawsui(don’t think 60h work weeks would play well with that). a non-compete clause sure shouldn’t in this case/layoffs/bankruptcy i imagine :man_shrugging: