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Previously the Telltale going defunct story topic. Now general Telltale news.


Not that that’s any of my business, but that sounds like a really underwhelming life to lead. :confused:

If you allow me to say something: dreams and expectations are important. I think life is too harsh to live without them. Disappointments can be a worthwhile risk, when you have something to look forward to, to brighten your day :blush:

Sending you good vibes, man. :sunflower:


No I don’t think you entirely understand what I mean. It’s not that I do not enjoy things, it’s that when people enjoy things and want someone else to also enjoy them they tend towards selling that thing as hard as they possibly can. So you get this completely skewed image of the thing, go in with amazing expectations and then whatever it was is just “merely great” not this amazing perfect life altering experience it’s been hyped up to be. So you come away from it a little disappointed.

Had you just gone in and experienced it for yourself first hand without your friends, reviewers bloggers, blowing all of their collective smoke up your arse beforehand you would probably have loved it as much as they did, but now they’ve ruined your experience of it.

Anyway I just do what I can to enjoy the things I do end up putting my time and money into, which starts with avoiding spoilers. But if that’s been ruined then there’s never any real harm waiting a few years for the hype to die down before getting to it now is there?


I also tend to see that the other way as well. Games getting bad and mixed reviews but we think are awesome. People have 1 little problem with a game or hear bad stuff about it and try to tank that game the same as when they try to hype it. Reviews and hype, either positive or negative, are only a fraction of what makes me decide to get a game.



This was bound to happen when hundreds of employees was fired without any notice and severance.


Exactly what I’ve been saying, not to mention I’m 100% convinced having such a huge monthly payroll is the immediate cause of their trouble


yup, and apparently this is the thing that will make sure there will be no way for them to actually finish TWD, as according to an article on Gamespot:

“The reported rationale for the lack of severance was that this was being classified as a business closure rather than partial layoffs. Telltale has now said that The Walking Dead, currently in its final season, may continue with “potential partners”–which could raise legal questions about the studio closure.”

Since continuing production would mean not actually closing and thus having to pay severance, they’ll have no choice but to completely end production…


Surely they could just “sell” the project to a different company, and use that to pay some severance. Or at least the lawsuit :smirk:


Not sure they actually can sell these games they were making since none of them constitute original IP’s to begin with, so there’s movie and TV studios involved as well as comic book studios and writers and whatnot, and who knows what kind of spaghetti of “rights” this all results in when it comes to selling any of it

and then there’s also the question whether anyone would actually want to buy a product which eventually could not even save its studio in terms of sales…


In the middle of all this chaos, i got curious about actually knowing the sales figures of telltale’s games. With stats from SteamSpy,(who’s generally very reliable) and oh boy! It’s way worse than i would have thought, even after this whole ordeal began.




TellTale games are highly complex and expensive projects, actually… just not for a very good reason.

Their ENGINE is an archaic mess that was behind the times even when it was relevant. Pretty much every scene in-game is entirely hand-animated from scratch for every single frame, with an engine that has no support for physics or anything else you’d expect. It doesn’t even look good for all the trouble they go to use it.

But yeah, TellTale let the competition surpass them, and this can be handed to the upper management. They scored big with The Walking Dead, and ever since then upper management has done their best to turn TTG into a crunch-factory of basic choose-your-own-adventure games. It’s not a very good picture.

Overall, the whole situation ended up bringing light to the fact that aside from obviously losing their way as a company, there’s been some scummy things going on for years at TellTale and the environment was completely unsustainable. The fact that they made it this far is testament to how hard their employees worked to keep things going… which, unfortunately, led to a lay-off so callous that it violated California state law.


Fair enough.


Preach, brother! Going into anything without expectations is the best thing you can do to have an unbiased opinion and for me it‘s even better when I have a negative outset, that way I never get disappointed. Of course I don’t always have that, but I wish I did!

Hype can really ruin things and I often had games turn out mediocre because of it.
What I will never play fucking ever because of its hype is To The Moon. A generic looking RPG Maker game with an endless choir shouting „10 outta 10. I never cried so much.“ Just… just fuck off, yeah? Also Bastion. People said it‘s sooooo good, but I really didn‘t like it since I expected a masterpiece and I went in with a hypercritical mindset.


I really loved Bastion, but I had a near opposite experience. I really loved it, but I’d never heard any reviews on it at all and bought it cause I thought it looked interesting. Only later did I find out that it had a hype generated around it cause other people liked it so much as well.


y i started Bastion twice and all i ever felt while playing it was meh; the narrator is amazing but i find the game itself quite boring and couldn’t bring myself to finish it


I want to give Mass Effect 2 another go for this reason. Hearing about its legendary status led to being completely let down in every regard by what I consider the trilogy’s weakest entry. We don’t talk about the other thing.

The real issue is after a while, it really does turn into peer pressure and conformity with some games. If I had 25 cents for every time someone talked with glowing praise of MGS V and ten cents for every time somebody slammed Metal Gear Survive despite their “experience” basically being one Jim Sterling video, Well, I’d be able to afford all the games I want in the next half-year.

Of course, I always welcome surprises. I heard the legends about Devil May Cry 1. WOW, was I missing out. It was every bit as amazing as I heard, and I can’t wait to finally play 3 SE and 4 SE once I’m done trudging painfully through DMC2.

Still, most of my favorites, like The Technomancer, were games I took a risk on after hearing about how awful they were and somewhat doubting the critics.

TL;DR: Looking past the hype is never a bad idea, just don’t be over-cynical.


Hey have you heard of Bayonetta? It’s such an amazing out of this world experience you’re going to have to change underwear every 15 minutes playing it. It will change your life to such an extent that your family and friends wont even recognize you at the end, you will have become a person of such greatness they never even imagined you had the potential in you.

Also I hear the fighting is pretty tight.


I mean. I was sold on Bayonetta before you commented. But now i have got to get it, immediately! Tnx Fraggles. For getting into the nitty-gritty details in this review.



Thanks for the heads-up, though! I’m part of a small group of people that really didn’t care for Bayonetta at all.


but, but, that’s just gonna take away a vast part + the fundamental core of my existence… :disappointed:

yea, but even if you’re going to be disappointed you might be cheating yourself out of a potential experience, and only takes like a few hours anyway, so could always pop it on an evening you don’t have a movie/boring documentary to watch and replace it with that
+if you “flip it” you can just go into it so jaded, that you “knooow” you will dislike it or even loathe it, and then you can “only” be pleasantly surprised, and at “worst” be confirmed in your skepticism. And we all know there ain’t no better thing than to win an argument, so could be all like “yea i totally knew it would suck, because people said it was so good, so i played it, and i was right, it totally sucked” -and be the cool kid in the schoolyard that played that one game that one time, just to prove it sucked and was right about it :sunglasses:
(okay that last bit might be a bit out there/too silly :smile:, but was srs about the the “try flip it”/“go in jaded” part) :+1:


i still haven’t even started/tried it yet :no_mouth: :flushed:

i just heard it was a librarian VN with hair+stiletto simulator… :confused: tho i could probably find reasons to get drawn to that game and not pay credence to that set of glaring or lewd “flaws” :smile: