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Previously the Telltale going defunct story topic. Now general Telltale news.


They’ve confirmed it to end after ep2 releases next week.

Steam has got their rules for refunding games but they can be pretty lenient once they assess the situation. Sony usually never does that. Don’t know about Microsoft, but i’m guessing Xbox users is in the same boat as you.


I‘ve read the first volume and I feel like if I haven‘t played Wolf Among Us prior to that I wouldn‘t have enjoyed as much, although it is still a good read. Just having the background info from the game makes it more appealing as the first volume‘s story wasn‘t as strong as the game, you know? But then again I have only read one TPB. :man_shrugging:t2:


y forget about it in this case; i tried and they refused, saying it has been more than 2 weeks, lol

they did answer within like 2 or 3 hours, which is crazy impressive if u know how it used to be, lol


It’s a real shame TWD will never be finished but I’m most sad over Wolf Among Us S2.
I had hoped to see more Telltale like games over the years but it hasn’t been as big of a thing as I expected, they will definitely leave a void.


TBH I never liked their games. I tried the walking dead, but these cinematic button masher thingies just arent my thing.


well, it all depends how invested u r in the story i guess; i view these as a form of interactive movies


You’d think that they’d be rolling in dough by now, since each game uses the same gameplay formula and their games could sell on brand recognition alone. I guess people just got burnt out on their games because of their formula and the frequency of releases.

I was never into Telltale games but this has got to suck for anyone who was invested in one of their series’.


You’re supposed to be in it for the character narrative mainly, not really for the mechanics, which are as dry and unfun as they can come.


Pewnews the most trusted news source also talked about this…


i think a bit of it is a pricing issue too, (besides the repetitive formula and poorer restructured creative approach)
myself and others might land on the side that 25$ or more for “their”/Telltale experiences doesn’t always feel worth it, which might add to the segment of "didn’t translate to good sales"
so many great and potentially cheaper priced games & indies that offer a lot more, so once you’ve tried a Telltale “interactive movie” or two, you just pass them up, maybe in part for the price/“value proposition” too

-i’m still pissed however Clem doesn’t get to get a proper ending, but at the same time really fcn happy i didn’t buy TWD the final season on release when it’s only gonna get 2 episodes now… :disappointed:
blame it on “the man”… damn management… :unamused:


Honestly, what i don’t understand is why they had 390 employees in the first place (they fired 90 like a year or less ago or so); i rly don’t think they needed that much employees for what they were producing; that number seems insane when u see the type of games they were making. I think it’s just a matter of trying to grow way bigger than what was possible and being unable to bear all those costs. I don’t think they would be in this situation had they not had all those costs to deal with (390 salaries + taxes is an insane monthly cost WTF), simple as that.


Seeing that segment with all the incredibly welcoming tweets from so many companies, even as a pretty cynical guy like me. This was genuienly heartwarming.
Felix did great capturing the situation into a dense personal ten minute video. There’s still a few points i’d have to disagree with. Two to be exact.

At about 4:20 to 5:55, he goes over how Telltale kept on creating too many new characters and games to spread their creative energies, and how that partly was to blame. While that is true, he fails to tell where Telltale succeded. I believe Telltale was strongest when they had full creative freedom.(TWDS1, and TFTBL)

TWDS1: They based it away from Atlanta.(where the tv series group are) So Telltale had to only focus on their group and how they where developing through the game.(with exception of Hershell and Glenn, who’s only there in ep1)

TFTBL: This one was based in the future of the borderlands cannon. So they needed to know what had happened up until then. Then make some characters who would not often interfere with known characters(aka vault hunters). So some Hyperion employee nobodies,(Rhys and Vaughn) and some Pandoren con artists.(Fiona and Sasha) Then moving the cannon of Borderlands further along, while having Gearbox on quick dial for easy questions. :sweat_smile:

Next at about 7:40 to 8:45, he goes over some articles criticizing Telltales’ choice driven narrative structure and points to Detroit: Become Human as an example for good choice driven narratives. Which is of course also true, but keep in mind. D:BH is a triple A game. Neither Telltales’ games or it’s studio is triple A. Their studio size from a week ago might have told otherwise. But their games and how the company functioned was effectively like a indie studios.

Fuck. This took a while to do. Probably a really jumbled mess of sentences that don’t make no sense to anybody else but that’s fine. Gonna check for grammatical errors later tomorrow.

Night Chronies. :sleeping:


As a bit of a silver lining for some of you, it seems that a Stranger Things game will still be produced by Netflix, possibly (if I’m reading this right) in the telltale style?


Hmmmm :thinking:

Telltale was probably just in the planning phase with Stranger things, so i doubt Netflix lost a lot on Telltales’ closure. Good question who’d develop it instead. Dontnod is pretty busy with Life is Strange and that new neat looking Twin mirror game.(that’s apparently also episodic) I wonder if Double Fine would be on the radar of possibilities.


The telltale formula for games development is pretty simple though, I bet their engine and surrounding dev tools is down to powerpoint levels of simplicity at this point. All you need is a writer and someone who can copy/paste it into the correct slots on the script timeline and maybe an artist or two to create a handful of new assets. I exaggerate of course, but I have a hard time imagining what all those 300+ people were really doing at Telltale.


Meanwhile I just wanted Puzzle Agent 3:cry:


What really bugs me is that TellTale eventually became a fruit stand with a single fruit painted over with 10 different spray cans.

There are only so many people who’ll keep buying the same thing over and over again.

And when those people get tired of your lack of variety and creativity and you’ve got an overstaffed studio where the only devs that can truly tip the balance between failure and success are your overburdened writers… Who’s gonna buy your shit?

Even Daedalic (Deponia, Night of the Rabbit), who’s got this kind of age-old “signature style”, recently broke out of their usual kind of games cause they known they can’t live off a single cash cow, no matter how successful it is – and they aren’t crazy enough to try to.

Whatever happened to TT seems beyond my comprehension, but you are probably right and the issues you mentioned – lack of localization, prices, release model, overstaffing… – made for a pretty delicious salad for disaster.

In awe at the inability of whoever runs that studio to absolutely not see this coming to the point of bankrupcy.


I get that it’s super formulaic, which is why I never got too into their games to begin with, but this does make me want to go back and try some of their older releases since I’ve never actually played any of them through to completion.


@Vindace, I highly recommend The Wolf Among Us for its tone and immersion, fantastic soundtrack and outstanding source material. The ending is especially impactating and it’s a game that truly shines from beginning to end.

I also recommend Tales from the Borderlands even if you happened to not have touched the Borderlands franchise – I had barely played the first when I tried Tales. It’s hilarious, has really charismatic characters, a soundtrack that’s gonna make you wanna get up and dance (seriously) and some of the most ridiculous moments I have ever seen in any game, ever.

Both games, to me, were heaps of fun all the way through. :blush:


I’ve not played any of the telltale games, mostly because I tend to get rather turned off by bandwagons and hype trains. They can’t possibly be as good as everyone makes them out to be so playing anything while it’s being praised to high heavens is only bound to disappoint.

I do have the walking dead and I’ll probably play it at some point but I watched a stream of Tales from the Borderlands and that was pretty good. I’ve seen some of the batman thing they did but that wasn’t at all as enjoyable.


I am just waiting for prices to drop drastically from all this, so I can get the remaining games I want. :full_moon_with_face: