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Previously the Telltale going defunct story topic. Now general Telltale news.




Yassssss I hope they bring the walking dead back to steam.

(It’ll be like bringing the dead back to life so same thing right?)


Too many people are looking at this in the most shallow way possible,(not pointing at you) and they need to realize what this actually could entail.

Do not get me wrong. I’m as excited as any other, for the sheer thought alone that the Wolf Amoung Us could continue. Just, don’t get your hopes to high.


Guys, some dudes just bought the IPs and are running with it it. The end. Giving freelancing jobs to previous (actual) TTG workers doesn’t sit well with me on top of everything else.

TTG is dead. I’d love to see The Wolf Among Us 2 but at this point a comic book would do much better than whatever these guys are cooking up.


Yes some unrelated people bought a brand and a collection of IPs and possibly some licenses to go along with it. We can give them the benefit of a doubt though. They do not owe previous employees anything and tentatively scavenging the old talent pool is probably a sensible way to go about it.

We can hope that the sale means the original owners of TTG now has the money to pay THEIR old employees what they are owed. That would be another positive effect this could have had.

It however also means that you’ll have to treat any new releases with a critical eye and not think that just because it has the TTG logo on it it’ll be worth anything.


I’d actually argue this increases the chance of TTG’s logo meaning quality. They were basically a shovelware brand after their big hits, and only TWD S4 is an exception to that.

You can see the drop in quality because of rushed license projects as opposed to much-needed infrastructural improvements and QA passes per project.

Under new management, they may actually do things right. We’ll see in a year or three.