Post your desktop


I don’t really have anything interesting going on at the moment.

Old viewsonic birds

And a Tera screenshot

Thanks for keeping this thread alive btw! I always like seeing the view others have everyday.


does it work?


Current desktop at the moment.

Wallpaper found here made by fellow chrono user @NICK9X9


I’ve used this for a while


then went back to using this:

which i think i just found in google images

not posting my desktop itself cuz contains work-related shortcuts and some family pics etc.


I usually have a wallpaper related to Strider Hiryu. I’ve been a fan since the original arcade game.
I had Skyrim wallpapers for a while but that made me feel cold.


Almost exactly a month later…


Mine is really minimal ( the way i like it :slight_smile: ) . I have 12 or so space themed wallpapers which rotate every minute so that’s just couple of them.


I restructured my desktop today and gave it a fresh new wallpaper. Gotta say, it’s busier than the Subnautica thing I had going on before, but I kinda like it a lot.



Wallpaper changes daily, I try to keep few items on desktop.


Using Chocolatey as my package manger for Windows 10 and using WinScreenFetch for System info in terminal and TranslucentTB for my translucent taskbar.

Started Duel booting lately and just started using Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon.
wallpaper can be found here


Yeah, I miss him. T_T


Below is my current gaming desktop for the week. This is the Windows 10 Pro “side” of my dual boot, reserved for gaming and all sorts of distraction. I may edit this later to show my Linux Mint desktop.

  • Some of these dock icons were created by me. You can check them in my deviantART page. BTW I’m using Winstep Nexus Dock.
  • DOOM is still downloading, heh :sweat_smile:;
  • The taskbar is set to be hid when not used;
  • I usually launch apps from either Start menu or Launchy;
  • I use the Dynamic Theme app to rotate my wallpapers, and it’s also very useful for those Windows desktops which aren’t activated.

And below is my Linux Mint Cinnamon desktop, which I use for productivity, reading, writing, listen to music and watching some videos, with almost no distractions to bother me.



I am so tired of setting stuff up…


My Kubuntu desktop:



Decided a while ago to abandon Linux and to go back to Windows full time for the time being and with that I also decided to make my setup more minimalistic so now i have no icons on the desktop and now use the full screen start menu to launch programs and games.
Sidenote, I use TranslucentTB for transparent taskbar & a mouse macro to open start menu.


Abandoned Linux?! How could you. lol Have you tried dual booting before? Really easy these days. Also, love the color choice you went with for Windows! :slight_smile:


yeah that’s what i did, it just seemed no matter how much tinkering i did i could never get something to fully work right e.g. drivers, some bootloaders, general gaming performance,ect so for the time being i’m done with it but I will take another look when ever i build a new PC.

Thanks :grin:


I’ve got a Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild wallpaper this time around, and some new launchers I’m using for the Quake and Doom games.