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Post your desktop


I don’t really have anything interesting going on at the moment.

Old viewsonic birds

And a Tera screenshot

Thanks for keeping this thread alive btw! I always like seeing the view others have everyday.


does it work?


Current desktop at the moment.

Wallpaper found here made by fellow chrono user @NICK9X9


I’ve used this for a while


then went back to using this:

which i think i just found in google images

not posting my desktop itself cuz contains work-related shortcuts and some family pics etc.


I usually have a wallpaper related to Strider Hiryu. I’ve been a fan since the original arcade game.
I had Skyrim wallpapers for a while but that made me feel cold.


Almost exactly a month later…


Mine is really minimal ( the way i like it :slight_smile: ) . I have 12 or so space themed wallpapers which rotate every minute so that’s just couple of them.