Post your desktop


I don’t think we’ve seen enough spammy game threads here so let’s go for a classic.
Post your desktop or just the wallpaper if you’re private about that kind of stuff.:ok_hand:

I’ll start with my main pc,

and my old media pc,

Fancy animated wallpaper engine stuff on both.

So people actually spent 40,000 coins on a game?

Just the wallpaper for me, otherwise I may incriminate myself.


This is my desktop.

And here’s the wallpaper separately if anyone wants it: #000000.


I also have an animated wallpaper engine background. Best 5 bucks ever spent.


My wallpaper automatically changes every day. Here is today’s:

It’s been terribly hot lately, and this certainly reminds me of cooler days :slight_smile:


let’s just pretend two of those game apps don’t exist on my desktop :blush:
note also; dat sweet sweet 16:10 resolution! :smile_cat:


I was thinking about creating exactly the same thread the other day aha :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my desktop:

I never put any icons on the desktop nor on the taskbar, since I have no use for it - everything is in my start menu (all programs listed left, frequent ones pinned). And my folders are so tidy I can find anything anytime, so no need to put things on the desktop :stuck_out_tongue:
For the music visualizer and clock I use Rainmeter.

Here is the wallpaper alone:

It’s made by amazing artist Oska, who has some sick designs apart from this one.


Stock i3status? for shame :stuck_out_tongue:


This is pretty close to how my Windows installation used to look like before I nuked it. Folders in the taskbar and all that jazz. @DanosaurJr and @Ctouw are also looking nice and sleek.

@chraffx Stock colors all around, but I did spend a few minutes customizing the status messages to fit my needs ;). I liked how it looked out of the box, no need to go too far with the rice.



because I like nascar (and have access to their lossless press archive and don’t even have to scale up to get a wallpaper for my 3480x1080 setup)


Pretty standard desktop I suppose. The little widgets are from rainmeter if anyone was wondering.


No desktop icons.:smile_cat:


I have a whole folder of desktop wallpapers but this is what I’ve currently got going for me


Been using this Siege themed wallpaper setup for a while now, changing the middle one based on the current season.


Windows 7 partition

Artwork on Steam + customization info.

Ubuntu 16.04 partition

I’m weak, I need icons on my desktop! :butterfly:

edit: uploaded a funnier version of my ubuntu desktop because I have a :poop: sense of humor.


Here is my current wallpaper but looking for a new one…




Here is my desktop, just wish i could find some good quality red icon to replace the default ones.