Post your desktop


Haha! That’s brilliant.



Mine from a while back:

Doesn’t look like much normally but looks pretty sweet when in use:


Nothing special. Just Monika to the left and right :smirk:


Nice! Where’s she from? :slight_smile:

(also, welcome to the forums)


Just Monika


Thanks for mentioning Rainmeter. I used to customize my desktop in a past life. I may give this a try this evening.


Doki Doki Literature Club, i believe you can download for free, interesting idea for a different VN


I uh… haven’t changed the background since I installed Windows 10. So… kind of boring I guess.


Here is my phone wallpaper! (taken from a photoshopbattle on reddit)


I really doubt anyone will be able to tell what my favourite games are after posting what my wallpaper is. This it here ive mostly alternated between screenshots from this and witcher 3 over the past year. Might try having a screenshot of Hellblade for a change.


I don’t know, it strikingly resembles something, just at the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite put a name to the picture. It’s not slime rancher by any chance? no…

Anyway, here’s a picture of my desktop:

It is a rather old one though, as you might be able to tell from the resolution alone. Still have the same old desk. Unfortunately I do not have the mug anymore, it was a really lovely mug too and I have not managed to find one quite as nice since. I really miss that mug.


Yes, but do you still have the brick mobile though? :smile:


It’s obviously Bad Rats. Maybe get your eyes checked? Here, I got another wallpaper for comparison and so you can use it as well and everyone can be happy.

I’m sure @acb234 will prove me right. :blush:

I also like mugs.


Bad Rats??? Put down the crack pipe. It is obviously Pong


I’m at work.


so many icons, cant handle that many.


Yep. I skip around alot, depending on task. 2D and 3D apps, database administration, GIS, satellite imagery, desktop support, web development, and network optimization. The browser shortcuts are all to server test pages for three different environments in both DMZ and internal, so 5 applications x 3 environments x 2 stages = 30 icons.

Plus, there’s another screen…


“over 9000!!!” - icons :smile: