Post your desktop


Where is your wp from? Looks lovely.


This is mine Virtual Desktop :


Close but no cigar. I can clearly see how you were confused at a glance though.

Right you are sir it is pong indeed, the best RPG i have ever played.


I have to admit though that picture is a masterpiece.


Bruh. That‘s a landline.


Since I’m not on my PC, I will just show the “wallpaper”.

It’s the Nighthawks painting edited with IKEA monkey meme representing to me the Arctic Monkeys band (one of my faves). I couldn’t find the exact wallpaper, so just got this cropped image.


I used to cycle my desktops regularly, but I’ve stuck with this one for what seems like years. (Steam games folder has all the game files that I’m done with but not uninstalled in case I want to go back to them, whilst the quick links at the top are just for ease of client updating. My PC is old now and the Start orb menu takes a while to populate)


Well it’s messy as hell


really loving rainmeter


I have two screens, both will get me in trouble but ill show the lesser of the two. Rein SMASH!


Changed a bit on my media pc. 4K and stuff.



And phone.



Great minds

(just click the down arrow)


my wallpaper


I took this picture at the beach for the express purpose of making it my wallpaper. So now that’s what it is.


My Current desktop

Wallpaper can be found here.


might as well post my desktop
i’m trying to keep it organised
(which means every file which normally ends up on the desktop gets moved into the green folder instead :sweat_smile: )


This is quite an aesthetic. I love it.