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Post your desktop


might as well post my desktop
i’m trying to keep it organised
(which means every file which normally ends up on the desktop gets moved into the green folder instead :sweat_smile: )


This is quite an aesthetic. I love it.


Pretty simple i dont really pay much attention to my desktop, i try to not clutter it with shortcuts though.


Funny how none of y’all have any icons that would make you not wanna post your desktop lol

(all of you wt such extremely clean desktops surely just hid all of the mean stuff which happened to be ALL of your icons rofl)


What are you talking about? Look at just this last submission systray. Both Kaspersky AND Symantec antivirus running simultaneously, what a tremendous shame.


Well, 1 guy who didn’t pay enough attention. Indeed a shame of unexplicable size.


I’m wondering what desktop crimes you’re committing :thinking:
Surely you’re running Windows 8, having Internet Explorer as your main browser, McAfee as antivirus and obviously a minion wallpaper


What makes you think that? I never leave any icons on my desktop, i have all my games on Steam (even non Steam games)
All the most used apps i’ll keep in taskbar and the rest i just run from start menu.
What do you keep on your desktop?

Are you talking about my screenshot? I have never used any Symantec product, my only antivirus is KIS 18.


That’s because they hide it before posting, young padawan.


I guess the icon besides Kaspersky kinda looks like the old Symantec logo, was my thought too, at least at the first glance.


It’s f.lux on the right and Core Temp on the left…


Man it’s such a must have, I can’t look at a screen at night anymore without something like it.

Not to throw myself under the buss but there’s a porn game in my first screenshot, I just don’t care that much.


Then why did you just throw yourself under the bus you fckn pervert?


Because it seemed like you wanted to know about that stuff. Feel free to share your favorite porn games too. :ok_hand:t4:


Hehe, does Hunie Pop count? That’s a good game, best match 3 ever.

Wasn’t curious tho, rly was just joking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Funny how people can’t believe other are oragnised :stuck_out_tongue: I really never put icons on my desktop, no need to hide anything :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m simply organised and everything has its place in my computer, which is neither the desktop nor the taskbar xD (essentiallly it’s Steam for games, a tidy file arborescence for my files and a clean start menu for all my software.)



Decided to finally change my desktop from that bad rats Dark Souls 3 image to this.


That desk with that keyboard contraption is awesome. Those games are awesome. That cat is awesome. That wallpaper is awesome. That lamp is awesome. Those paintings are awesome – is that a cat?

What I mean to say is:

You’re awesome.


baaaaaaaaad raaaaaatsssss…


It seems i managed to misspell bad rats as pong my apologies.