Post your desktop


the thing i found most awesome is…
how tidy her/his bed looks like xD
*looking at my own bed, look back at sevae bed (cry)
srsly i found it hard to keep my bed tidy most of the time since i will re-roll on it every 5 minute hugging my pillow when i’m reading


Clearly took the pic after a nice cleaning, no one leaves the room so tidy like that, EVER! Unless you expect someone special soon. :wink:


Like your special buddy for coop action? :wink:
You know L4D, Portal 2 etc.



that desktop is legit terrifying :scream:

can almost hear a command whisper echo in the distance:
“Hyper Poop Window” -established!


Agreed. What kind of heathen leaves stuff undeleted in the recycle bin?


wuts dat ? :man_shrugging:
:+1:ShiftDel :trophy:


Hi Five! ShiftDelete for life!


My current desktop. (Elementary OS):


Got myself a second-hand 2014 Lenovo ThinkPad to FINALLY be able to study and work outside of my house. Been wanting a portable for years so I’m overjoyed. Thought I’d share a glimpse of my workspace with you guys! :blush:


I somehow missed this thread way back when. I love the jellyfish and astronaut.

This just reminds me i need to update my computer wallpaper…


I probably don’t have to tell you but…

…should be sticky on top and “untick” itself every 5 minutes.


SO GLAD you spotted that. I put it there specifically for you and @Danacscott lmao :joy:


I realised today that I’ve been doing my desktop all wrong. Thanks steam reddit for showing me the error of my ways. I’ll change my icons immediately.


your background is obviously not patriotic enough, so you’ll be spending some time in a reeducation camp soon

(they’ll take care of your gaming disease at the same time, don’t you worry)


Just press the play button already!


@Pontifex Is this the program you use for animating a wallpaper? Seems awesome D:

PD: If you are using the animated background it does count in steam you are “playing” the program?