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This isn’t my wallpaper but I thought I would post this page for @Enki and @DontBeSilly :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Sloth Island???
Actually my wallpaper is the octopus featured lower on the page.



I approve !



Sees 40k Background: I Approve this content.

Sees Ultramarine space marine: … I don’t know how to feel.


BUY, Buy, buy… Ultramarine Gilded Boltguns for sale. Never been used, only dropped once… like new!


We’re always late to international sloth day.


Here’s a cake :cake: to celebrate :tada::boom::fireworks::dizzy: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


This is the wallpaper I use at work:

And this is the one I use at home:

Can’t show my actual work desktop as I work for a company that deals with NSFW content, and I’m not home to screenshot my home desktop but that’s probably for the best… been awhile since I did a desktop cleanup and I’m sure the clutter is horrible.


Is this from “what remains of edit finch” ?


It is, and there’s actually a game title watermark in the top left corner-ish region of the wallpaper. :smiley:

That scene with the endless chopping of the fish heads, I shouldn’t have been surprised by how this scene ended, but I definitely was…


Oh dammit, there is ! Didint even notice it first :smiley: Though it kind of blends nice with the whole shot.


It’s stuck with me ever since I saw it. I’ve had moments in life when I felt like like Lewis, fortunately I haven’t gone his path though.


That’s good, good indeed. :smiley:


Here’s mine. :slight_smile:


I Don’t know the source material of your work desktop, so I don’t know if there is a good reason, but the fact the two faces don’t line up annoys me. It just feels like it was lazy, and they couldn’t be bothered doing it correctly.

Edit: Uh… On closer inspection, it maybe home made, if so… sorry.


I didn’t make it but the asymmetry doesn’t bother me in the least. Dio is looking up while Jotaro is looking forward / slightly down, their heads are in the correct position for how it would appear if they shared a neck - so while their faces aren’t aligned the position their heads are on their bodies is actually correct for if they were standing side by side, one looking up and one looking forward. It makes sense so I don’t really care.


Here’s some sites for High Resolution Wallpapers(Just got them in my RSS Feeds)