Playing: Mindjammer, An RPG About Chronies IN SPAAAAAAAACE!

Truth, I hadn’t thought about the OP thing.

Also, you are right we do have a good party for a stealthy ‘wet-work’ kinda story, is that the direction we are leaning? Little bit of intrigue, most focus on survival and eking out an existence on the ‘fringes’ of a huge culturally expanding zone of commonality space.


I wouldn’t know, but so far we have:

  • A totally trustworthy Ex-SpecOps mercenary
  • An equally totally trustworthy gender bender Shadow
  • A sophist Bear with a ride
  • And a sentient toaster with integrated USB and Bluetooth

We still need to see what @Vindace, @CrazR and @xist come up with thou :thinking:


Uhm what? Me? What am I supposed to do here again @Inferry?


Ugh, I might have to ring out of this one (as I mentioned before). I have family in town and then will be busy pretty much through June, so I’ll just have to miss this campaign. I do want to join sometime though.


@Inferry Thanks for the list of characters, that will be especially useful for thinking about the story… I won’t lie I am trying to keep characters straight but they kinda all blend together in the campaign notes.

@CrazR care to join a Mindjammer game? As long as you are here that is? :grin:

@Vindace you could always build a ‘Fraggles’ character just like @Fraggles

On that note @Inferry you forgot to mention the ‘Rouge Honda Repair Arm’

Also, on the note of equipment, can we treat equipment like languages in call of cthulhu? That way, if you know you want to have something specific (a pistol or a starship) you purchase it from the partial list we have… Then as we play, if we run into equipment that you really want (and have extras/skills saved for the purpose) we just pretend you ‘had it in a back bag’ all along. Might help make things a bit easier… or maybe not, what are your thoughts?


Sounds fine to me.
I’ve had a quick scan and there are a few things that I want.


Idk I didn’t follow the thread too much :sweat_smile:


whoops, my mistake :q, sorry for the inconvenience.


No worries, I was just asking.


@snake153 I did mean to ask you how you saw ‘Daredevil’ as a trouble… Could you give me an example of what you are thinking?


Yeah, come play @xist, just don’t roll this universes’ equivalent of a Paladin, or someone is gonna die!


Ok, so the list that snake153 provided is sometimes very clear how much something costs (armour: x many stunts) and sometimes not at all, just mentioning the fact that it exists. So I’ve guessed, think it’s mostly wrong, but have updated my post and see what you think @hivefleetbothan


OK…I’m still trying to get to grips with skills, stunts, consequences and the extras…so I’ll add them but this is what I have. Once I add skills and stunts what else do I need?


Hi, my name is “Ash”…well, it’s not, but that’s what you can call me. My real name died with my family. I grew up on a planet that was omitted from most maps, sequestered away in what was designed to be humanity’s ideal, away from what was regarded as the infestation of lesser species. If you can believe it they christened the place Alpha Prime…egotistical much? There, the select few “fortunate” enough to have been cloistered away were raised to be the next stage in human evolution, a group taught by the best to be the best. We trained endlessly, physical trials, mental assessments, strategy and tactics, logistics and planning, free thinking, the classics, the art of war and subterfuge. They went to great lengths to be sure that the superior species might take it’s rightful place once more. We were ready for anything, capable of so much, and yet primed for a task that was irrevocably wrong.

…perhaps it was my early upbringing by loving parents that saved me, a life completely alien to the world I was to experience. I hadn’t seen them since I was rudely stolen away, but that loving core within me kept me sane, and instilled a rebellious streak that kept me from blindly following orders. There weren’t just humans on that rock, but cetaceans and felines served as both educators and servants. It was made very clear to us that we should not fraternise with those non-human “scum”…I made friends with some of them and found them to be more human than their captors, and together the three of us roamed and adventured, forming a strong bond that made me feel so much greater than the insular demands of my tyrannical overseers.

Perhaps I got lazy, perhaps we were seen, but when I entered the drill yard just like any other day and saw Serif and Ocee’ta, my “brother” and “sister” kneeling bloody, bound and beaten my heart sank. Their execution wasn’t fast, nor was it merciful…they suffered more than my feeble words could express.Something inside of me broke that day. When I think back to what happened next most of it comes in glimpses and flashbacks. It’s better If I just say that there’s not much left of where I spent my formative years and few who might remember me…I’d fled with just the clothes on my back and the skills In my head, but I knew I could survive offworld. By the time what few survivors there were left alive recovered, I’d be but dust in the wind.

Afterwards things could have gone better, with my naivety paired with a difficulty to fully trust people causing problems. Initially I tried the mercenary lifestyle, on an organ clonelegger ship where I was hired as muscle to help run body parts to illegal clinics for the poor. But it turned out that they were harvesting from those innocents, rather than giving, and the thought sickened me. I barely made it out of that ship before the charges I’d set blew. The most purulent of that crew won’t be doing much more organ running…and after that I went from world to world, fighting the good fight and supporting the oppressed, defending those who couldn’t defend themselves. I even signed up with the Military for a while, putting my training to good use and almost fitting in somewhere once again. But lately I’ve caught glimpses from the corner of my eyes, a shadowy figure, a cloaked silhouette, never too close but never too far away either. I know that my actions on that colony won’t go unavenged and sooner or later my past wil catch up with me. Until then I go where I’m needed, one eye on the road ahead and the other to my back, someday I shall hear the howl of the wind that brings the long drear storm on its heavy wings, but until then tomorrow is another adventure.

Concept - “Ash” is determined, focussed and independent, driven to protect the downtrodden and oppressed from harm. Running from the past he never lingers in one place for too long, and seems haunted by echoes from a former life.

Culture - Commonality Culture
Cultural Aspect - Humanity is Transcending
Genotype - Commonality Human
Occupation - Military : Space Force Marine Build
High Concept - Space Marine turned hunted rogue
Character Aspects - Haunted by the Past, Blessed are the meek

Trouble - Hunted by the Organisation

Skills -
Superb (+5) Athletics
Great (+4) Melee Combat, Ranged Combat
Good (+3) Rapport, WIll
Fair (+2) Intrusion, Stealth
Average (+1) Unarmed Combat, Notice, Technical

Stunts - Commander in Chief, Danger Sense, Face in the Crowd

Refresh - 5 (Standard/Unadjusted)
Stress Boxes - No bonuses to Physical or Mental (i.e Standard 2) Will skill grants an extra Mental Stress box (3)
Consequences - 3 (unadjusted slot allocation)
Tech Index - T9
Habituated Gravity - Standard (0.9G to 1.1G)

Extras - 1/2/6
Mindscape Implant
Advanced Defence Chip (Mindscape-enhanced evasion and self-defence routines analyse the flow of combat and let you use Unarmed or Melee Combat to defend against Ranged weapon attacks.+2 bonus to all Athletics, Melee Combat, or Unarmed Combat defend actions)
Skill Points spent on skills

Equipment - I’d guess skill and occupation standards?


Once you add skills and stunts, all you need then is to determine stress/consequences, select equipment and select tech level and gravity.

I feel like ‘Hunted by ____’ makes a better trouble than oppression suppression.


How specific a by are we talking about? Hunted by a nefarious human supremacist group? Hunted by his own kind?

(I changed it to blessed are the meek because oppression suppression sounded stupid even to me…)


Awww… I kinda liked Oppression suppression.
Could be a specific faction, organization, or idea… Could also be a specific individual. Really whatever fits for the character’s situation. Is it that a human supremacist group (that is all of them) are after you (wanted posters, general knowledge of you as a renegade outside the organization) or that a specific member/branch of the organization is after you?

Also, just a note, a good way to think about skills/stunts is skills are things you can do (and how well you can do them) while stunts are cool things you can do with your skills.
@Halcypher I will look at the costs for those items once I have the book in front of me and let you know what the cost is… Thanks for noting Refresh, I hadn’t even looked at that yet.
EDITS: The T-20 megawatt blaster pistol is indeed worth 1 stunt, however from my reading of these rules I am unsure if it comes with free burst fire aspect… however the rulebook is like the tax code for religious entities… deliberately vague… So I will allow it. Monofil costs 3 stunts, and requires a Tech index of 9 to purchase. So unfortunately that one is outside your reach.
Your refresh is put up to 4 by the additional stunt spent on the blaster.
In regard to Uncanny luck, I guess it will all revolve around what we consider a session… I am thinking each adventure will consist of 1-3 sessions, based around natural ‘pieces’ of the narrative rather than any time… In this way I don’t believe it will be too much…


When I was writing that bio I had in mind that I wiped out the majority of the people who raised my character before I fled, which would mean that there was a small, but highly motivated and perhaps horribly disfigured, group of people looking to track me down.


Then I would say it would be the survivors of the group that raised you (perhaps not even the majority of the organization itself)… DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUUUUN!


Okay, here are some hopefully helpful thoughts (First I don’t think it is dumb).

Passive sensing reflects the ships sensory capabilities to pick up and detect stuff around the ship (like Omni-directional sonar), active sensing is the ships scanning capabilities.

Passive sensing would be if the ship alerts you 'HEY LISTEN! There is an object approaching us’
Active sensing is the captain telling the ship ‘Hey, this looks interesting, scan it’

EDIT: Okay, so I was a little off. Passive sensing is the ability of a ship to perceive the environment without emitting signals (so really the exact opposite of sonar)… It is the construct equivalent of Notice. Active sensing is the construct equivalent of investigate (something ships are doing constantly).
After consulting the book @Rilover I need to ask if I am looking at the skills for you (the pilot) or the ship itself? the following skills do not get used by constructs: Notice, Pilot, Unarmed, Athletics. And the following skills do not get used by characters: Passive sensing.
As for the aspect question: after checking the stunt list for Notice, you can take a stunt from the 3 to 5 stunts you get at character creation in order to get ‘Body Language Reader’ allowing you to test Notice instead of empathy. You would then have 2 more stunts to select before you hit the 3 minimum stunts for character creation. ALSO NOTE: stunts purchased out of the extras/equipment budget do not count towards your ‘refresh’ number.

Also, once everyone has completed their character I want to use the ‘Summarize this topic’ button to create a ‘Master List’ of everyone’s characters (and maybe track the story). EDIT: I see that doesn’t work like I thought it does, so I guess I will track that in the OP.


Once you’re all done with your characters roll a d1000 and head on over here to see what happens