Playing: Mindjammer, An RPG About Chronies IN SPAAAAAAAACE!

Dude, you’ve no idea, we’re gonna look so cool on the character portraits :star_struck:, you’ll look like a character straight out from Blade Runner, it’s gonna be so awesome! /)^ɛ^(\.
As a side note, I was totally expecting you to choose a shark.


I though of that!! Hahahah and you can do your own genotypes and there’s dolphins and shit but yeah, I don’t want to be monothematic.

Maybe when I die :yum: like taking a shower in the intro :joy: :joy:

He would’ve been straight melee-beat-the-shit-out-of-you kind of guy :joy:


Depending on which one you choose you would get different mandatory extras and genotype aspects…
The choice of aspects from your culture (the three italicized things) and the bonus from being a rouge (getting illegal military stuff and the ability to purchase organizations as extras) you would keep as long as you don’t change those.

Honestly, either one is really cool. If you are the facility then the story is going to take place around the facility (so you can interact with the party both as your avatar, and the facility itself). While if you are the robot the story would probably take place far away from the facility.

Also, you didn’t make any mistakes here, I just didn’t explain everything very well… it is challenging to summarize a 300 page book into a paragraph of text.:sweat:

@Rilover Seems a fine character concept (assuming I didn’t make any leaps of logic there… but we shall see).
So as an Ursoid you have to buy at least 2 aspects and a stunt (just because you are an ursoid), and of those 2 mandatory aspects, at least one of them is a Genotype aspect (so if you wanted say: Bull in a China shop or Bear with a sore head you can take them as the other mandatory aspect from the ursoid genotype).
It is also important that you note the chronological age of an ursoid is between 25-35, just so you are aware.
And it seems you are going to take advantage of the Merchant permission to acquire a starship as an extra from your extra’s budget? You mentioned a small one but I wasn’t sure what sort of stuff you were interested in…

As to your aspect how about: 'Teller of Tall Tales’
Invoke: to convincingly lie/stretch the truth, impress another with your achievements/worldliness
Compel: To fabricate or dramatically overstate events, to place yourself at the center of things.


Ok, so I thought I’d be a ranged operative type of character

A former Special Operations agent, who has now gone freelance and is looking to apply his skills in any (not necessarily ethical) work, providing it makes him money.

Name: ********* ('Risk)
Culture: Commonality Culture
Genotype: Commonality Human
Occupation: Military / Privateer
High Concept: Merciless and self-serving killer
Trouble: No one must ever know
Other Aspects: I do what it takes; obsessive memento collector; amoral; don’t touch me!

  • +5 - Ranged Combat
  • +4 - Athletics
  • +3 - Melee Combat; Physique
  • +2 - Deceive; Intrusion; Provoke
  • +1 - Resources; Investigate; Will


  • Lightning hands (+2 to any action relying on quick hand movement, drawing weapons, attacking, sleight of hand etc.)
  • Uncanny luck (once per session can find something he really needs or get out of a sticky situation) [this one might be too much?]
  • Customised retinal implant (+2 to reading behaviour / stress / lies)

Stress and Consequences:

Physical Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Credit Stess: [ ] [ ] [ ]

General Consequence: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Credit Consequences: [ ] [ ] [ ]

Cultural Tech Index: T9 (+4)
Habituated Gravity: High Standard: 1.5G (+1)

Refresh: 3.

Extras / equipment:

  • 1 aspect:
    Regenerating ammo (1 aspect)

  • 2 stunts:
    Combat Suit (2 stunts)
    T-20 20 megawatt blaster pistol [aspect: burst fire] (1 stunt)
    Some kind of energy sword / blade etc. (1 stunt)

  • 6 skills:
    Handscanner with radar (1 skill + 1 skill)
    4 remaining skill spent on bumping stats: Ranged Combat +1, Athletics +1, Physique +2 (giving an additional physical stress box)


Couple of doubts > <

Why 4d3 and no 2d6?

On my chronological age; are there no Ursoids younger/older than 25-35 I didn’t really understood that.

Do I need Starship pilot stunt if I have pilot skill?

I don’t know how much stress/consequences I have.

The only thing I know is that I’m going to name my ship Candela ^^ hahaha I have somewhat clear my skills but I’ll get back to you.

For now:

  • +4 - Notice
  • +3 - Pilot; Technical
  • +2 - Ranged; Unarmored; Empathy (I guess I’ll change this If I can use Notice as Empathy with an aspect)
  • +1 - Rapport; Close Combat; Athletics; passive sensing (I really don’t understand this skill)

You tell me If this is dumb :sparkles::see_no_evil::sparkles:


I’d like to express my anger in the face of this abject discrimination that is the exclusion of Cow People here; I think the UN should investigate


@Halcypher Looks pretty good, there is an equipment list in the quickstart guide, I wanted to ask a question about your choice of trouble… Honestly, the aspect ‘No one must ever know’ seems like a better trouble than, debilitating headaches, plus it puts a restriction out of what compels I can get out of the trouble. However, I will respect your decision there.
we will deal with stress/consequences once we have everyone’s concepts done (Nope decided against it, see below).

@Rilover We are rolling 4d3 not 2d6 because we need 4 numbers (each of which can be a win, a neutral or a loss), originally I forgot that cleverbot was built to roll more than a d6, so I said we would roll 4d6, then convert it to a d3 (so a 1 or a 2 would be a ‘loss’ a 3-4 would be a neutral and a 5-6 would be a win), however the thing I realized was that we could just roll a d3 which would eliminate some of the guesswork.
As for chronological age, it means that a typical Ursoid adventurer is in that age range, there are individuals that exist older than that but they typically have used the ‘extended lifespan’ extra. How old did you want to be?

Technically not, having the pilot skill means you can fly things in a 3-D space. However, by having the pilot stunt you may use your pilot skill for combat maneuvers and controlling drones in space… as well as giving you a teamwork bonus if you are working with a construct extra you own. Basically, having the stunt makes you a better combat pilot compared to a commercial pilot (someone only trained in the pilot skill)

Actually I guess we will deal with stress/consecenses right now…


There are three different stresses and 2 consequence slots:
Physical stress: your ability to be battered and bruised
Mental stress: Fatigue and confusion
Credit Stress: Becoming Broke and Destitute

General Consequences: Bad things happening
Credit Consequences: Bad things because you are broke

Each of these starts at 2 boxes (basically you can take 2 stresses before you start getting consequences, but
The physique skill gives you extra physical stress boxes (Skill rating: +1 or +2= a 3rd stress box, +3 or +4= 3rd and 4th stress box, +5=3rd and 4th stress box plus another consequence)
The Will skill gives you extra mental stress boxes (Skill rating: +1 or +2= a 3rd stress box, +3 or +4= 3rd and 4th stress box, +5=3rd and 4th stress box plus another consequence)
The Resources skill gives you extra credit stress boxes (Skill rating: +1 or +2= a 3rd stress box, +3 or +4= 3rd and 4th stress box, +5=3rd and 4th stress box plus another consequence)

@harith there are rules for making genotypes, but I think we can all agree that cows probably genetically engineered themselves and went out into space years ago.


oh, well, in that case, euh, ok


No, that’s fine, I’ve changed the Trouble, added another Aspect, and added the stresses

There’s only a quick summary about the fact that if you use a gun, you’ll have one and that you can have your own special equipment, Most of the data / tables etc. for pretty much everything is not there, I had a use the examples provided by the pregenerated characters to get my other character skills / stunts etc.


Foof… Ummmmm… I will find something I suppose… I definitely don’t want to create a whole list of the feats and equipment.


Seems that there is a partial list of equipment at

Anyways, I thought I’d make a hacking / infiltration character.

A natural daredevil, raised without a respect of authority, it was not particularly surprising when he became a hacker. Though he initially began for the money, he has remained in the field for the thrill and is willing to take a job as long as its “interesting”.

Name: Serzalir
Culture: Neo-culture
Genotype: Viri
Genotype aspect: Natural Artist and Logician
Occupation: Sci-Tech
High Concept: Information Broker for Hire
Trouble: Curiosity Killed the Cat
Other Aspects: ?

  • +4 - Intrusion
  • +3 - Stealth, Investigate
  • +2 - Contacts, Notice, Technical
  • +1 - Athletics, Ranged Combat, Resources, Will

Stunts: ?
Halo: Mindscape Implant
Extras: Hand scanner, Nanobugs

Physical Stress: [ ][ ]
Mental Stress: [ ][ ][ ]
Credit Stress: [ ][ ][ ]
Consequences: 3
Personal Tech Index: T8 (+3)
Habituated Gravity: Standard (0)

Not sure how the tech index and habituated gravity are determined. Also, don’t the consequences refer to the mild, moderate, and severe levels, rather than the 2 tracks?

Edit: Added personal tech and habituated gravity, updated trouble and extras


First, thanks for finding a partial equipment list, I will see if I can find the rest of it somewhere.

You are correct, there are three consequences in each slot. I had misread the rulebook. Everyone has 3 consequences for both credit consequences and general consequences.

Tech index is based on culture:
Commonality: T9 (second age of space)
Core Worlds: T10 (age of 3-space
Neo-Culture: at least T4 (industrial age)
Lost Colony: Any
Rediscovered: At least T4 (industrial age)

Habituated Gravity:
Selected from the following list
-4: Microgravity (Effectively in freefall)
-3: Very low (0.1 G or less)
-2: Low (0.5 G or less)
-1: Low Standard (.5 G to 1 G)
0: Standard (.9 G to 1.1 G)
1: High Standard (1 to 1.5 G)
2: High (2 to 3 G)
3: High (4 to 5 G)
4 to 9: Very High (6 to 10G)
10: Exotic (10 to 20G and higher)


I was contemplating joining in with you guys, but I’became rather intimidated by the fact that it looks like you need a PhD to get through character creation!


NOOOOOO… It’s not like that I swear… To anyone who is thinking it looks complicated, it is fairly simple… I am just bad at explaining… The gravity/Tech level thing isn’t super important and really is just there to reflect how you are thinking about your character.


Yeah, FATE is a pretty straightforward system, especially compared to something like Pathfinder.


There’s just a lot at the beginning since we have to establish everyone’s abilities and what sort of story we want to tell (something I want to do once everyone has their characters)


Join the crew!! It’s my first time ever doing this and I think I’m getting It so… You’ll be fine.

I’d been intimidated as hell ^^

And @hivefleetbothan you’re great at explanations but

This was heresy man :joy::see_no_evil:


"Let others join the conversation
This topic is clearly important to you – you’ve posted more than 21% of the replies here.
Are you sure you’re providing adequate time for other people to share their points of view, too?"

I…don’t…what the…huh?

So! since snake153 is gonna be a hacker dude as well, it may actually be better for me to be an installation thing like a Derelict Honda Assembly Factory in Space or something like that I dunno :confused: and the robot would just be an extension of my self, perhaps we could justify it by saying I’ve yet to take full control of the entire place, so it looks like I’m gonna be a construct after all.

@snake153 I’m copying your sheet btw, you seem to know what’s going on; see @xist? if I can do it, even when I don’t know what I’m doing, then anyone can do it as well :relieved:


I am surprised it hasn’t jumped at me about that one… @Inferry

Cool, alternatively, if you want to just be a robot, we could still say you have uploaded yourself into the installation, but instead of you being in control it is a copy of yourself, like a clone, so although your personality is in control of the facility it isn’t like you are in control (so the facility would be an NPC with your personality).

@Rilover Was it heresy? I asked Cleverbot and it seemed ok with it.


Perhaps because you are the OP and thinks you are just answering this kid’s annoying questions :expressionless:

Well, the reason I’m saying that is that we would have two dudes with super hacking/stealth abilities in the end, like in Mass Effect 3, so if that’s not a problem we could go with that.