Playing: Mindjammer, An RPG About Chronies IN SPAAAAAAAACE!

Don’t worry, I’ll accidentally kill you before that happens :3

What do you mean? like coming with I wanna be that guy that dies first or I have to make a character sheet with numbers and such?

As per the point 2 in the OP, Chrono or rather Discourse does not support colors.


I’d be up for playing too, I initially didn’t post because I don’t have much free time, certainly not last weekend, but if we are playing-by-forum I’m in. Unless that makes too many players?


@Halcypher Welcome to the group, I can probably contain the boundless energies and keep the campaign going with up to 8 people…5-6 is certainly no problem.

Drat, ah well… I suppose it will have to be italics, bold text or something else clever that you choose to use… As to your second point @Inferry : Mindjammer is a game about transhumanism IN SPACE!!! with a strong emphasis on the Transhumanism… There are a lot of options for who/what your want your character to be… And a lot of choices to be made in character creation (since the quickstart guide only provides pregenerated characters I am going to post a spoiler here about character creation (to be filled in when I have a bit more time)

What I really want is for everyone to have some idea of what sort of character they want to play, a genetically modified human? A Robot? A mentally elevated animal/human hybrid from some recently discovered planet? A Bear?
In addition to that, what role do you want to play in the party? Savvy science officer? Gung-ho Engineer (who I cannot stress enough should not be Scottish… just to avoid the landmines of memes)? Mute mind-scape navigator?

Character Creation options/rules

Character creation uses the following steps:

  1. Create a character concept (Who/what do you want to be):
  2. Select a Culture, and one cultural aspect your culture provides
  3. Select a genotype, which may require you to take 1 or more mandatory aspects/extras
  4. Choose your occupation
  5. Create your “high concept”. This should be a single phrase that summarizes who your character is/what is important to them.
  6. Create a ‘trouble’ aspect (what isn’t going well)
  7. Choose a name
  8. Using a three phase process create your phase trio aspects.
  9. Choose one +4 skill, two +3 skills, three +2 skills and four +1 skills.
  10. Choose at least 3 no more than 5 stunts
  11. Determine your ‘refresh’ 5 if you have 3 stunts, -1 for each subsequent stunt.
  12. Choose your extras/equipment based on a budget of 1 aspect, 2 stunts, 6 skills. If you have mandatory genotype extras they come out of this budget.
  13. Do something involving a ‘Halo’ (Destroy planets?)
  14. Calculate stress and consequences
  15. Write down cultural tech index
  16. write down habituated gravity
  17. find other starting equipment.

Okay, there is a lot there…We are going to take this piecemeal…

  • Commonality Culture: I am born into the culture of the interconnected internet of thought and memories that links the galaxy together… We are the most common.
  • Core World Culture: I’m from Earth/Earth’s Solar system… We are the best!
  • Neo-Culture: I’m from a world built to combat cultural conflict! Homogenized Core world values with Otherworldly ethnic (book’s word not mine) definition. We are correct!
  • Lost Colony: I only recently re-established contact with the rest of the world. Wow, things have changed!
  • Rediscovered World: I’m from a world culturally assimilated into the Core world culture… Wow, things are changing!
  • Commonality Human: I am a genetically modified human.
  • Non-Commonality Human: I am a human with some genetic drift on another world
    Xenomorphs: This one has subgroups
  • Canids: Dog People
  • Cetacean: Whale/Dolphin People
  • Felines: Cat People
  • Pthecines: Ape People
  • Ursoid: Bear people
    Synthetics: Robuts.
  • Mechanicals: True robots
  • Synthetics: squishy robots, predominately organic, but a robot
  • Installations: I am a construct (Like a spaceship).
    Hominids: Humanoid subspecies/“most numerous aliens”
  • Chembu: Water-worlders, with a bizarre global hive mind.
  • Javawayn: Low gravity hominits: stunty and good in space
  • Hydragand-Dezimeer: Two different species: Particle harvesters/large slow moving metabolizers
  • Viri: Artist aliens with great scholarly pursuits.
    Aliens: Real ET’s
    *Hooyow: BUG PEOPLE
    *Lowhigh: Space creatures without any without ears, eyes or vocal organs. They see IR and are spacefaring.

Installation Occupations: If you ain’t an installation, you ain’t me


:astonished:, I wanna be a roboto made by Honda :v


Dare I ask what kind of robot? I assume a ‘true’ robot, but what sort of role do you want to play? Like what purpose does your robot serve (really what occupation do you want to have)?


I’m the type that relies on hacking and stealth but sucks at combat cause it’s frail and prone to failure under heavy stress.

My tale of woe

I wanna be a robot, or rather an AI, controlling a self-sufficient super-secret forsaken installation, controlling a robot, in a quest of self-discovery.

I was made in a space station in Earth’s Solar system for unknown reasons, things happened and the only body I could escape with was a maintenance purpose robot (Mechanical) which I have been modding since to be able to do stuff beyond is original design, since then I’ve been taking jobs as a spy kind of guy to sustain myself and search the truth about my origins as lame and cliche as that sounds.


  • Robot Dude
    • Core World Culture
    • Synthetic - Mechanical
    • Rouge… I guess :man_shrugging:
  • High concept: Find who/what I am and what I was meant to do.
  • Trouble: Although well maintained, this frame it’s limited and has seen better days.
  • Name: I’m bad with names, I still need to come up with one.
  • Ok, I’ll need an expert in gibberish for the rest.

I’ll be using these Hello for my “In Character” lines


I really like the idea… So you are an AI that used to control a much bigger base (which if you want to still control the base, would be an installation type synthetic) but now only has a much smaller body? I would suggest you change the wording for your High Concept to be a more specific description of your character: ‘Tool without a Role’ or ‘Purposeless Servant’ maybe even ‘(Metaphorical) Shark in a fishbowl’? The high concept should describe your character and something about you, check the example character sheets for an example of this. It should also give you something to call on, since it is kind of an aspect. Feel free to use specific language to describe how your AI has made this adaptation (if this is an important part of your character that is).

Also, clever choice of speech identifiers, will be hard for me to miss those.


Ok, I’ll be an installation then. The idea is: the Ai is controlling a small base/ship thing, but uses this robot as some sort of remote presence device (that way if I die I can still provide some sort of remote support X3).

Help me out then

Let me elaborate

I was an experimental AI in development modeled after a human brain as in "I reason and think like a Hooman" while still fully aware that I'm an AI, but things got weird in that place, I just got activated in this robot body and got told to escape with no memory of whatever I was or was meant to be or do, I had been pre-programmed with combat and espionage skills but due to this body they where fairly useless.

Once I escaped I hided and started to search for better parts or a new better body if possible, during this time I manage to find a derelict installation which I proceeded to repair, take control of and hide, cus figured people may be looking for me, so I been taking the ood job to get resources and get some knowledge to shed a light on my existence, is not that I’m looking to fulfill a goal, I’m just trying to piece together what’s going on

Nor do I need a master or have a role I need to fulfill, I’m just trying to figure out things so I’ve no idea what could be a good descriptor there.


I want to be a robot making hondas.
Just a welding arm bolted to a factory floor by a conveyor belt.


@Inferry Ah, that makes more sense then. When you ‘clichéd as that sounds’ I kinda assumed we were going for a more

Kind of robot.
But if you were told to leave the facility, as a robot, but still control the facility (I will need to consult the rules on how far constructs avatars can be from the installation and still be in contact) then I guess your high concept would be something like: ‘Historian (Robostorian?) Seeking Meaning’? Someone manipulated/helped you, and now you want to know how or why?

@Fraggles You COULD do that, but the big question is what sort of story do you want to tell? The struggle of a party to make every mission have a token car chase so they constantly need new cars repaired? It can totally work, but having an immobile party member does put a lot of requirements upon the sort of story we can tell.


That’s the one I guess.

Also, we could have @Fraggles in my installation building cars


Just want there to every once in a while throughout the entire thing be a notice stating that “Assemblage unit 3 has created a new vehicle.


@Inferry how about a concept of: ‘Abandoned Facility Seeking Answers’?
Also, how about instead of waking up inside the robot body, you woke up (as the facility) with no knowledge of anything beyond your core personality and then uploaded yourself into a nearby robot in the facility. I ask this because otherwise how would you know you were the facility?


I fell like I’m getting stubbornly convoluted for some reason here :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I was in containment in the original facility, I was just a project there, the facility had it’s own AI, as per my story I woke up already in the robot and immediately got contacted by someone and got told to get away before things got worse.
Time after, I found a second place where I put myself in control and now I live there while having a nice RC toy to go places with.
I just focused on the robot, since it was the actual character I was gonna be playing with

:thinking: I can’t think how to explain myself better, I may be even noodling things more.




No that makes sense, see I assumed you were the one in control all along.

I am fine with that backstory.

EDIT: I forgot the Commonality Culture, like an idiot, so I updated character creation to reflect that.

Now @Inferry as a core world culture you get to pick from the following cultural aspects (or make your own if you don’t like any of them): The Old Ways are best, The Core Worlds ARE the commonality, Status and Reputation Above Everything!
As an installation you use the Maintenance rules for healing, gain your own skill list (more on that later), have your own action type, and gain a systems stress track. And must spend at least 2 aspects (one of which must be a genotype aspect).
Mandatory Extras (deducted from your extra’s budget): Mindscape Instance (you possess an internal copy of the mental internet!)
Mandatory Genotype Aspect: Exotic Transhuman Intelligence: You are far beyond what most people consider alive that you’re forging your own path. Who Knows what you might become?
Invoke: To make a huge intuitive leap, make brilliant deductions, deal with concepts beyond human norm.
Compel: To be unable to connect with humans/other organics or understand their motives, experience dysphoria from your past memories.
I highly recommend that your second thing be a Construct Avatar, with either Remote Sensors or Marksman.

As a rouge you gain, the following permission: Illegal access to restricted military equipment of appropriate tech-indices, organizations as extras.
Based on your description of your character as a spy sorta being, would it be more of a gangster (working with organized crime) or more like an underworlder (living in the cracks of society)…


Quick note @Inferry if you want to focus more on your ‘robot body’ compared to the facility, you should probably take Mechanical as you originally decided. I was thinking you wanted to focus on the facility itself (which is you), making the installation option a better one for the narrative.

Construct skills

Constructs choose from the following skills (they all reflect things constructs can do by virtue of its nature)
Active Sensing
Close Combat
EW (electronic warfare)
Hull strength
Passive Sensing
Ranged Combat


Oh my, there’s a lot bite at here.

Since it’s the first time I’ve ever played any of this I would like to focus on the robot so it’s easier but perhaps the facility could be more interesting to play? I’ll go with whatever you think it’s better for the story :+1:

So I get everything after, from Mandatory Extras apply regardless of which one I choose?

PS: Kids, take note of my mistakes, so you don’t embarrass yourselves the same :smile:
PSS: To the people involved on this, make sure to bookmark the thread and change the notification type from “Tracking” to “Watching”, that way you’ll receive notifications everytime someone posts anything new.


Okay so the first time you said this:

I was like Heh! A bear :joy:

Time passed and… yeah, I think I’m a bear hahaha

Okay so now the actual thing and you tell me what It’s not a thing, also help pls.

Story or whatever pitch for my char dunno

So, what I had in mind is a merchant bear, like typical brown bear with his own not-so-big-ship (You can make It crash or whatever If It doesn’t suit the starting point)

Regular stuff for the most part, people/things, not into illegal stuff that much but will do If is easy quid + a lil’ bit of exictment, nothing to gruesome tho.

Because my dad was also a merchant and he grew up in this like enviroment of cool stories of his dad and all and… yeah It’s ob way more tedious than those tales.

I really like the idea of selling shit and smuggling even If he doesn’t need too, like he’s not rich or anything, but still.

By shit I mean not like "Hey, this stone will make your illness go away " but more like:

“This stone was used in this planet to see trough the clouds (like the vikings) in a planet with gas all over It, and I was tiny so I can’t really tell you where the planet is, but we lived and fend with them, and learning the trade they gave this to my Dad as a rite of passage and a sign of respect.”

“My father died a while back… (Not really, dunno where he is but… he’s cool hahaha) so this brings me pain and It’s not like I don’t know the story by heart… mmmmh yes maybe we can make an exchange”

And It’s a random stone that looks the part, and even does It!

I’m selling stories you know, ob I’m full of shit but It’s clear that he can’t use this Item, I also thought of him filling a jar with dirt hahahah and tell the same story but is waterworld :joy::joy::joy: and they gave us the dry land as a token, this ancient merchant civilization.

I feel he got easy quid for that, not to much trouble and a good laugh ^^

Not disrespectfully tho… they bought the story, It is what it is, charming in a way, I don’t think I’m better or anything is a cool story and you pay for that conversation piece.

And you know… I’m a freaking bear so people don’t give me shit, wich I think is a cool thing to have going on for you as a merchant, but I can be nice and chill, and ob I don’t think I can beat another bear unless lucky or whatever.

Long story short, I’m bored and stuck with this life, not that I don’t like It, I certanly embrace routine but yeah maybe too much, but I won’t do super illegal stuff on my own.

I had in mind a pilot/merchant kind of guy, can tinker around and repair stuff I guess but not too much. (again this is like the idea hahah maybe the idea he has of himself, maybe he can’t repair for shit :joy:) a cool guy but could be intimidating.

And the name is Bagheera (See what I did there? :thinking: :smirk:) Baloo was to obvious + he’s not really that chill, minding bussines and that.

I looked some things in order to ease your pain slightly. But I have doubts, for example, I need to take one genotype aspect, that’s outside my 2 aspects?

If I need to choose one tho

Genotype aspect

Eats Anything

You’re descended from omnivores. You might not know
whether you can eat it, but you’ll try.

Invoke: To forage easily, have no trouble eating “foreign”
or exotic food, wrestle down things which most
people would consider toxic or disgusting.

Compel: To eat something that’s going to do you no
good, or that wasn’t even supposed to be food; be
unable to resist eating something that looks tasty,
whatever the consequences; make a pig of yourself.

And I have the mandatory extra: Large* bc I’m a thicc boi

I guess my occupation is Merchant, New Trader.

My aspect (If I understand this part correctly)

Could be “Bullshit” and the idea is that I’m good at bullshit like in the selling stuff, car person kind of vibe hahah but I’m not so good at straight up lyign, like yes or no questions, so I guess those would be the good/bad of that.

And my 1 stunt could actually be really scary.

I don’t want to go further so you don’t have to read stuff that probably needs change and I need to read the guide again hahaha so many things there, and no bears!

But so you know what I have in mind ^^

@Inferry Your character looks super cool btw :robot: