Pass the Parcel



So, this is a giveaway Parcel where I have randomized the last set of players once more. This parcel contains 12 games. Players may take ONE game of their choice with NO NEED to replace. Please then pass onto next on the list. When the parcel gets back to me, whatever is returned will be put up on this post.
1 rakada
2 Norther
3 Danacscott
4 markwr
5 themadmax
6 Avy
7 Rallen4269
8 YQMaoski
9 seaburn (back to me)

Parcel off to @rakada


Come one come all, come try out our product. Oh you over there @Norther come on over, would you like to try one, they currently free, to celebrate the upcoming 2 month anniversary since our business opened.


:rocket: delivered to @Danacscott


@markwr Fast ball parcel coming at you~


Sent to @themadmax :postal_horn:


Parcelā€™s passed onto @Avy :football:


@rallen4269, a parcel has arrived for you.


Paging @YQMaoski, please pick up the white courtesy phone.


@Seaburn, right back at you. :slight_smile: with a much smaller parcel than starting.


Quickest yet I think, really smooth :grinning:

Games up for grabs -
The Sperminator: Rescuing Tzar Vlad
I am not a Monster:
Streetball VR
Galactic CivilizationsĀ® II: Ultimate Edition
Any takers?


Iā€™d take The Sperminator: Rescuing Tzar Vlad if nobody wants it :no_mouth:


Iā€™d like ā€œI am not a Monsterā€. :nerd_face:


2 games left over, please just say if you take them -
Streetball VR BYV4E-RC2DN-W3V???XE
Galactic CivilizationsĀ® II: Ultimate Edition 55D2D-3X5E2-4LR???RN
The question being, do you need question marks?


Pass the Parcel is not difficult and reliant on participantā€™s Honesty. This next round of Pass the Parcel has participants who are willing to take one game from 6, replace their choice with an unused STEAM key of their own, and message through the Chrono Community site to the next name on the list and leave a reminder on this post, please.

Collecting players for at least 24hrs, clearly state your intention to partake.


Seaburn, you are just on a roll with these. I will join in for the next one as well. :slight_smile:


Add me. Thanks. :postal_horn:


Add me.


I hereby formally request to you an invitation to thy upcoming event. I wish thee well, and hope to hear back from you forthwith.

Best regards,



Ticket punched.:tickets:


I intend to participate :slight_smile: