Pass the Parcel



Looking at some of my various (and historic) Bundle orders, I have a number of keys that remain unused for various reasons, duplicate keys, not my kind of game or whatever. Some decent games and some not so much. One of the ways I thought of sharing them to Chronies is Pass the Parcel.
It is not difficult and depends on participant’s Honesty. The initial Pass the Parcel will be restricted to 12 participants who are willing to take one game from 3, replace their choice with a key of their own and message through the Chrono Community site to the next name on the list and leave a reminder on this post please.
I will leave this post up for 24hrs to collect names and pick 12 random names from those wishing to participate, so all time lines will have a chance! Some time after that I will put a list order up and send out to the first name, who will hopefully get the game of their dream and put an unused game key with title on the message to forward onto the next name on the list …and so on.
The initial message will show the game names and serial number.


This sounds like a very interesting concept, I would like to be a part of it! :grinning:


Nice idea @Seaburn! I am going to pass, since my backlog is too hefty and weighs heavily on my heart already. But your idea is like the Game Hole. :slight_smile:


I’ll go ahead and participate in this one. Although what are we expected to do if the 3 games on offer are either all titles you already have or games you’d just never even consider playing? Just pass them all on to the next participant?


I won’t participate (I have no keys) but it is a good idea.

Reminds me of one of the dozens of versions of Secret Santa. Maybe keep this in mind for the holidays when it comes around.

Have fun!


The only unused key I still have is for DLC. Does that count, or does it have to be a key for a full game?

So that number is 3, then? :slight_smile:

Or are you saying there’ll be more parcel passing in the future? In that case, would it be possible for an earlier participant to skip taking a key from one round to enter the next?


Yes, just pass them all on. I cannot see a problem with adding one of your own without taking if you wish.


DLC is not a game so I would say full game only. One game for one, so 3 are always passed on. At the end of the game, there should be 3 games, which may form the base for the next game, any clearly “unpopular” games will be placed on an open post in the community.
Wow! Lots of games there.


I can’t guarantee being interested in any of these games, but otherwise can join. I got one unused key :>


I was going through my list of unused keys…and I think most of you have all these games :slight_smile:
Binary Domain; Suicide Guy 1-2; Space Pilgrim Episode II/III; Bottom of the 9th and etc. But bump - I will participate


I actually have none of these games xD


I could totally put something in for that suicide guy game.


I fear my own unused key list might turn this into Pass the Trash, but willing to try.


Good one @Seaburn :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Not entering. I have way too may keys.


I can see 6 clear indications of participation. I need to have the message returned to me to hopefully begin the next game and to see if this plans out. The random list is -
1 agusnavaro
2 rakada
3 rallen4269
4 Fraggles
5 Norther
6 DecadentHamster
7 Seaburn (back to me)


The first 3 games are F1 2019, Snake Pass, and Laser League.
Hopefully, there will be 1 you want when it is your turn, so open up your private message, take your one choice, replace it with your game and key and send it to the next on the list. let’s see how this goes…
Sending a message to number 1 - agusnavaro…


You wouldn’t have any more, just perhaps one less you probably would not have played replaced by one you may have a better chance of using! :rofl:


Have none of those. Gotta see how much I can find to participate.


Thanks, @Seaburn . Post says 1d, so I don’t know if 24hrs have passed. If not, I’m in. :zap:


1d = 24 hrs. The sooner the message returns to me, the sooner the next parcel is passed. Next time?