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Pass the Parcel



For players - there is no obligation to publicly state what you have taken or added. It would be good if you could publicly say you have passed the message on ?


Cannot remember the last time I saw a post relating to Game Hole.
At least there is a degree of control in Pass the Parcel. Any Poo related games may be flushed into the ether if they come back to me! :rotating_light::vertical_traffic_light::vertical_traffic_light:



Finally got around to this, sorry I was busy preparing for an exciting job opportunity! I have passed the parcel to @rakada :grinning:


Waiting for your good news :call_me_hand:


hopfully everything turns out well for you. :slight_smile: It’s now @rallen4269 turn to drive the train.


Passed along to @Fraggles :package:


@Norther has the payload.




Sent to @Seaburn


Looks like that went really well!

I will add another game to the next one.

Pass the Parcel round 2 STARTING NOW make it clear if you are in and I will give it at least 24 hours to collect players before kick-off.


Consider me in, I’d like to enter :+1:


Bump. Join again :tickets:


Maybe extend to 4 games? Slightly more choice for people. And I’m in :slight_smile:


That was an interesting way to trade. I’m game for another.


Sure I’ll go for another round.


I’m in this time. :yum:


Sure, why not. Sounds like it could be fun.


I guess i could go for another round.


I’m down to join again! :sunglasses: