Pass the Parcel



Add me. :slight_smile:


and me :eyes:


<AOL> Me, too </AOL> And thanks again.


Add me.


I’m in again, add me, thank you :+1:


I wonder what will be inside the parcel, this upcoming parcel day.


Pass the Parcel is not difficult and reliant on participant’s Honesty. This next round of Pass the Parcel has participants who are willing to take one game from 8, replace their choice with an unused STEAM key of their own, and message through the Chrono Community site to the next name on the list and leave a reminder on this post, please. Game On.
Randomized List -
1 rallen4269
2 markwr
3 themadmax
4 rakada
5 Danacscott
6 YQMaoski
7 Norther
8 Avy
9 seaburn (back to me)

List of 8 games on the way first to @rallen4269


And on to @markwr.

No scratches this time :zombie::full_moon_with_face:


Good one,straight in there!


Sent to @themadmax :postal_horn:


Look out below @rakada you’ve got a parcel :zap:


Huh did something just hit me on the head " looks around" oh it’s the parcel i’ve been waiting for, well lucky for me I was wearing my hardhat or that would of hurt, this is why you always use protection. :grin: Anyways I’m suppose to deliver this to someone in the nearby forest how unusual i wonder where this @Danacscott person is.


Also people being generous is pretty nice to hear.


The lengths I go to to deliver parcels


@Norther, you have a parcel waiting.


@Avy Knock-knock. Here is your parcel.


Parcel has returned to Seaburn.


Healthy looking parcel returned. I intend to make up a Give-away parcel from some of the games returned the last couple of times, first dibs to those involved in any of the above parcel deliveries, then to other Chronies. If anyone has noticed repeated games, feel happy to PM me with these (I have noticed a couple), I will likely put in some poorly reviewed games too, although that does not mean they are bad. Likely do this tomorrow?:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, @Seaburn :postal_horn:


@Seaburn Sounds really good.