Pass the Parcel



I’ll go another round.


I’m down for another round :+1:


:steam_locomotive: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car: I’ll participate


Pass the Parcel is not difficult and reliant on participant’s Honesty. This next round of Pass the Parcel has participants who are willing to take one game from 6, replace their choice with an unused STEAM key of their own, and message through the Chrono Community site to the next name on the list and leave a reminder on this post, please. Game ON.
Randomized List -
1 Avy
2 YQMaoski
3 rakada
4 markwr
5 rakada
6 themadmax
7 Norther
8 GrimtheGilded
9 rallen4269
10 seaburn (back to me)

@Avy has the parcel.


pegasusz is 3rd or 5th? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, @Seaburn - fix soon before pass to number 3.
(unless of course we really like rakada to have 2 chances :smirk:)
Thanks again @Seaburn for doing these! :postal_horn:


1 Avy
2 YQMaoski
4 markwr
5 rakada
6 themadmax
7 Norther
8 GrimtheGilded
9 rallen4269
10 seaburn (back to me)
Good spot @markwr, as always


Thanks @Seaburn.

@Avy please edit the people list before sending PM to next person. :zap::zap:


Already did. @YQMaoski has the parcel with the corrected name list.


Should have slowed down and checked, instead of just counting :wink:


Parcel passed onto @pegasusz. :slight_smile:



Good call @YQMaoski !


I give all of the credit to @Avy, who had properly corrected the list so that it was a mindless procedure for me.


First parcel on the way to @markwr. Waiting for the next :nerd_face:


Sent to @rakada :postal_horn:


Mailman was drunk again :roll_eyes:


Slow mailman this time around. @Norther is that you waiting for a delivery or have you passed it on?:postal_horn:


Still waiting for delivery :shell:


I sent a PM of the list to @rakada almost 3 days ago. I just looked at his profile here and it says:
Last Post 4 days
Seen 3 days

I don’t know why he is gone. I hope he has not come down with COVID.

:zap: In the meantime, do you want me to PM the list to @themadmax to keep things moving? :zap:
:zap: Let me know. Thanks. :zap:


Let’s wait for a little longer @markwr no reply in 24hrs, that would be good.