Pass the Parcel



Pass the Parcel is not difficult and reliant on participant’s Honesty. This next round of Pass the Parcel has participants who are willing to take one game from 6, replace their choice with an unused STEAM key of their own, and message through the Chrono Community site to the next name on the list and leave a reminder on this post, please.
Randomized List -

  1. Avy
  2. AcornAvenger
  3. Danacscott
  4. YQMaoski
  5. rallen4269
  6. GrimtheGilded
  7. rakada
  8. markwr
  9. themadmax
  10. pegasusz
  11. Norther
  12. Seaburn (back to me)

@Avy message sent.


Parcel sent to @AcornAvenger.


Passed on to @Danacscott :sunflower:


Parcel was passed to me by Danacscott, and has been forwarded on to @rallen4269.


I see your Parcel, and raise you a @GrimtheGilded.


Passed to @rakada


Sent to @themadmax :sparkles::zap::sparkles:
(sorry for the delay, I kept waiting for a post here saying it had been passed to me. I finally noticed a PM) :eyes:


Totally didn’t forget to post, it just somehow got lost in the mail, :rage: Darn mail-company.


Parcel’s passed onto @pegasusz now :football:


Here you go @Norther


Back to @Seaburn Parcel full of games from gamehag :rofl:


Perhaps it’s Trump trying to shut down all mail? :smirk:


Yea, I totally didn’t forget to post when I passed to Mao either. Dog ate my homework.


Totally agree, but I am sure someone out there will love. Most will be rested for the next game.

Gathering players for the next. If you have any spare/unwanted game keys and wish to participate, post “add me”, within 24 hours.


“Add me”-ow. I didn’t take any last round, so ready to go. Is it okay if I put in the base game and soundtrack (2 keys) @Seaburn?


I am going to keep going with this, and as usual, pretty busy with work, so I apologize for slight delays.

add me. :slight_smile:


I was thinking of putting in a game along with dlc to count as one choice. Presume you thinking the same?


I’m game for another round.


“add me” :male_detective:


Another parcel, another time to say “add me”. I’ll try not to be asleep before it gets passed to me again :sweat_smile: