Pass the Parcel



I’ll take endless space collection.


I’d like Reptilians Must Die. Sorry I messed up ze parcel.


I’ll give “Reptilians Must Die!” a try. :eyes:


I guess if nobody else wants X-blades, I might give it a whirl some time. I remember having it on my WL a long time ago, but then I took it off for some reason (cannot remember).


It’s pretty cute! I had started and it was fun, just couldn’t map the controls with my generic controller. Should give it another whirl actually, along with RWBY - hack n slash - and laugh.


All games gone.


The next game of Pass the Parcel will be a little clearer.

If you have any spare/unwanted game keys, and wish to participate, post “add me”, within 24 hours.


add me (I can contribute several keys)

(though I will say up front, that I will be working when this parcel gets moving, and I cannot guarantee immediate turn around, just FYI for anyone who might get caught up at my bottleneck, and I am sorry ahead of time)


We love you. :heart: Also, I’m in for adding a key.




Only one entry/ one key, you already entered :grinning:



Thanks @Seaburn :hugs: - Add me. :sparkles:


And me :upside_down_face:


I’m in, add me :+1:


“add me” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Add me.


Add me :tickets:


Add me :sunflower:


Sound kinda interesting so i guess you can add me to your collection