Pass the Parcel



@Donluis524 you got mail


Passed to @Norther, sorry for the delay :sweat_smile:


And Parcel goes to @pegasusz


Goes to @rakada :wink:

Just wondering if we need to replace it with a key this time though. I only got 4 games from the parcel.:thinking:


Received absolutely same Parcel :slightly_smiling_face:


It is really the same game, so yes, take one and leave one. When I turned the game around there was 7 titles, none of them being any of the original 6 that I put out.


@Norther, have you moved it on? If you believe the players after you do not want another chance, return to me?


@Seaburn I didn’t change list of games Just transferred parcel from one hands to another :male_detective:


Only four when I received and passed it too.


yea the number of games really went down by the time i got it,

also yea passed to @Vindace


Thanks, @rakada Naughty people. May have to give the parcel a rest?
Or the message got a little fudged?


At work now, but I have received the parcel. And yep, 4 keys on my end.


I’m just catching up on posts. It seems there was some confusion. I (and likely some others) thought this round was to take a pick from the game “reject list”. I took a $0.99 game from the list. I have not used the key yet, so I can put it back if you tell me how you’d like it done. These were all honest mistakes on both sides. :sparkles:


The thing with a list of six to twelve players is that with each player, the list changes each time. What ends up with the final player will very likely have no resemblance to what the first few players had the choice of.
People leave games which the previous player may well have wanted. This was a chance for a fast turn around and whatever came back after the second pass would have been put on the post as up for grabs, saving a lot of time and effort of the games going up again. In theory, this could be an eternal parcel list going around and around. I am aware some will see this as a chance to just dump games, where others will see it as a chance to get a little more enjoyment from a bundle with the odd game or two they have enjoyed but already had knowing someone else will enjoy it too.
Opening the parcel to the post will stop the list from becoming stale so I will have to do it at some stage. Just because one person passes on a title should not take away the opportunity for the next. Is a second pass really hard to stomach?
Maybe a poor choice of words when I turned it around? If you kept a game just keep it now and thanks @markwr - you are the one that keeps me straight! I am willing to continue with this so suggestions of rules would be welcome, but the idea from the start was to Keep It Simple Stupid. Ideas welcome.


All you need to add in your instructions for each “second pass” stage post is:
“if you take a game, add one of your unused game keys to the list before passing along”. :sparkles:

That would remove any ambiguity. :nerd_face:
(in the past there have only been 2 kinds of activities, one where you replaced a key, and one where you did not - always define which kind it is)

BTW, I always want to remember to say … Thanks! :hugs:


@Seaburn I agree with @markwr. This time around I didn’t remember seeing the "replace a key clause’, so I genuinely thought it was a take one and pass on. I did take one and not add in. T_T.

Ah well, no bones broken, and will do better next round. :sweat:


Parcel passed on to @rallen4269 again


Round trip complete, @Seaburn.


I have to admit, the wording confused me a little bit too, because I thought if you wanted to take a game this last go around, you’d add a key, but if you didn’t, you’d just pass the parcel on like always. I took a key so I added one this last time like always because I participated, but I can see why some like @Danacscott and @markwr thought what I thought originally too. I think it was just an honest mistake why the parcel was a little scuffed this time, but I’d like it to continue, I’ve been liking taking part in it :ok_hand:


Moving on…

4 games returned for give away on this post, priority to those who just played but any Chrono can request on the post. 24hrs open.

RISK: Global Domination European Conquest
Endless Space Collection
Reptilians Must Die!

Anything requested a number of times will be randomly chosen. Game keys messaged to those successful.