Pass the Parcel



Parcel received and passed on to @themadmax


Got it and sent now to @markwr


Sent to @Avy :sparkles:


Parcel passed to @GrimtheGilded.


Parcel passed to @Thorknight


Passed to @Donluis524


Passed to @Norther


Next @pegasusz


@rakada knock knock


who there? opens up the door ohh it’s you, i see i need to deliever another package, don’t worry i’m feeling much better since last time so i am more then capable of getting the job done reads the label on the box i’m suppose to hand it over to a mr Vindace good to know it, i will just go get ready and will delieve the parcel in about 7hr from now.


Here the parcel you ordered @vindace have a nice day


And that’s why I shouldn’t try responding to forum messages late at night XD

Parcel has been sent on to @rallen4269


Full circle back to @Seaburn.


Thought of a fast turn-around on this one. The returned games being sent out to the same list in the same order. Whatever comes back will be offered in this post. If you don’t want in, please say early enough so you get skipped by the player in front or just move the list on in order, please.
1 Danacscott
2 themadmax
3 Markwr
4 Avy
5 Grimthegilded
6 Thorknight
7 Donluis524
8 Norther
9 pegasusz
10 rakada
11 Vindace
12 rallen4269
13 seaburn (back to me)


Parcel to @Danacscott


@themadmax Look out below!


Parcel’s now passed onto @markwr :football:


Sent to @Avy :sparkles:


Parcel sent to @GrimtheGilded.


Heads up @Thorknight .