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Overwatch Give-a-way [Closed]



Maybe, I’m considering a giveaway of my own. But you can PM me a list if you’d like. :+1:t4:


a giveaway, cool


Awesome! I’d love to enter this as well! I’ve been wanting to play OW for a while (their cinematic mini movies are so good). Thanks for the giveaway and GL to everyone!


Ye, thanks, was about time.
you can find the chap at full here

@matia So… your entering or…?


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Now this is podracing!

I’d like to enter.


When you change your profile picture and no body knows u anymore…


did I hear a giveaway was happening?
Good luck y’all!


I’d like to enter please! I always wanted to try Overwatch, it seems to fun


My friend Sergio would like to have the game, but he can´t afford it to play with us. He loves Overwatch and knows many things about it, we would be happy to play with him. Thank you very much!


I’d love to snag a copy of Overwatch. I played it during a free weekend not long ago and really enjoyed it!


I’d be the only multiplayer shooter I’d play at the moment.


So to be clear, you are not entering this giveaway then?
Not sure if what you mean is you already own the game


They are in fact entering the giveaway; what @BraindeadBogan is saying is:

“I(t would be) the only multiplayer shooter I (woul)d play at the moment (if I won the giveaway).”


Alright. Let’s do this. I’m in.


count me in. My coworker has been trying to get me to buy it for months but i just blew everything on a new computer to be able to run games as this in the first place


Do I still have time? Hmmm :thinking:


Thanks for clearing that up for me, mate. :sunglasses::point_right::point_right:


I’d like to enter too :smiley:


Yup there is still time :slight_smile:
All entrees up to the point of when I go do the draw which will be around 12pm EST today will be valid!