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Overwatch Give-a-way [Closed]



You can count me in as well :smiley:


Would love to win


Thanks for doing this!:+1:t2:

No I am not entering.


Hey everyone!

I would like to thank everyone for entering! I have now done the draw.
A random name was picked out of the list and a winner has been chosen!
The website I used was

So the winner can contact them and mercifully thank them for being picked. Others, well… You can also contact them in anger and insist the system should have picked you! (Jk don’t do that :P)



You will receive a PM shortly.

To all others:
Thanks for participating in this giveaway. I’ll be honest, I was not expecting so many entrees. Therefore, I have decided to purchase another copy of overwatch while it’s still on sale and give 1 more copy out! This will give everyone a second chance at this great game :slight_smile:

I will do this other giveaway after the holidays! So I hope to see you all again :slight_smile:


Congratz to @Franck225! Happy 25th to you and to all in the Chrono Community :slight_smile:


WOW thank you so much!!


Thanks, Merry Christmas!:christmas_tree:


Congrats :slight_smile:


lemme join in…for somebody won the second copy yet?


Sign me up man, I need something to play since I spent all my money on my PC setup!


of course the deadpool wins it xD


merry christmas hope i win


Hello everyone.
I did promise another giveaway after the holidays. Unfortunately, the holidays were pretty crazy for me!
Haven’t had time to check up on the forums a lot.

HOWEVER, things have settled down. Watch the give-a-way forums within the next few days. A new thread should appear soon :wink:

With that said, Here is ONE MORE COPY for this thread!
@WikiTora contacted me after the initial give-a-way willing to spare one more copy to another lucky winner. so a HUGE special thanks to him, and his generosity :slight_smile:

So, I did another round of picking a random name from the list. A winner was chosen :slight_smile:
I used the same website as last time

Congratulations to @GodDamnZambie ! Please check your PM soon from WikiTora with details on how to claim :slight_smile:

Thanks again once more to everyone who entered.


Congratulations @GodDamnZambie and a big thank you, thank you, thank you to @JordanH and @WikiTora for hosting the giveaway. :+1:


Hey, thanks to you @JordanH and congrats to @GodDamnZambie.
I’ve sent a PM, and now waiting for reply.

Edit. Got the reply, enjoy your game!




@JordanH, @WikiTora and @GeekInUndies thanks a lot for congratulations!
All day I had a bad connection and now I’m here to send my cat photo ;D


:+1: i appreciate feline camera imagery
"yes that’s my tail, and it’s gorgeous and, don’t, you, touch, it… i see you wanting to" :smirk_cat:



Ahahaha, you tell her thoughts :smiley:
And you deserve the second photo :smiley:


Count me on this :grinning: thanks for the giveaway :clap::+1: