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Overwatch Give-a-way [Closed]



Hey guys!

I have a spare copy of Overwatch from a Humble Monthly Subscription couple months ago. I already own Overwatch. So, I’ll give this copy away!

Unfortunately, it does have some region locking. So if you are from any of these countries, I won’t be able to gift you it:

This game will be given to you via I believe they require you to have an account.
Don’t enter if you are just going to try and sell the game on a grey marketplace.
Please don’t enter if you aren’t going to put the game to use and to just extend your game library. Let’s give the game to someone who will play it.
A Blizzard/ account will be required for activation.
The game MUST be redeemed by the 31st of December!
(Brought to my attention that this has been changed to December 31st, of 2019!)

How to enter:
Simple. Just reply below if you are interested. I will end this in 5 days. This will give the winner 5-6 days to redeem the game
I will use a randomizer to choose one winner out of the entrees.

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I have been wanting ow for a long long time, thanks for this man


Hey, I would really like to get this game, since it came out but Blizzard and its prices don’t help a lot :grin:

GL to all! :grinning:


Oh boy, may i just say something?
Got it? XD


I will gladly enter, I also have some spare keys so I won’t just take it and don’t give anything back :slight_smile:


I see Overwatch I like, I will enter the giveaway

Good luck everyone <3




I don’t want it.

But thanks for helping the community!


"Must be redeemed before December 31st, 2019."
I believe they changed it to 2019 later, I also have a key sitting there.


I want to try it out too, count me in!


If I don’t win this could you uh hook me up

I’ll give you all my steam keys lol

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi. Thanks for the giveaway. I’d be really happy to own a copy of Overwatch.


You would bring a few friends of mine enormous ammount of joy due to how I suck on PvP shooters given they are all highly competitive in OverWatch. I would like to enter the raffle, thank you.


Gracias por la oportunidad


Heyyo. Can u count me in please??


My friends have it, so i want to play with them. Thanks for the giveaway!!


How nice of you!


Wow man,thats so generous of you.I would love to get it.
Hope you have a merry christmas!


Thanks for a nice giveaway, i’d like to enter also.

GL guys!


Count me in. Thanks for the giveaway. When do you plan on doing the drawing @JordanH and notifying whoever won?