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Overwatch Give-a-way [Closed]



I have been looking to buy it for a while now, good luck to everyone!


Im interested, can i join?


Overwatch huh? Color me interested! I would like to join please :slight_smile:


Truly you are correct! They must have changed this, and I just never noticed :slight_smile:
I have updated the OP :slight_smile:


On the 25th of December. 1 person will be selected via a randomizer app/website.
(So Christmas)


id like to enter , and thaks for the giveaway :smile:


I’d like to enter as well.


Thank you for the giveaway!


i would like to enter for this. Merry Xmas


Going to take a chance and enter :slight_smile: Thanks for the giveaway and GL all.


Is CN Canada? If its not Canada, I’d like to enter this giveaway.


So many going for it…

I would like to enter too


CN is china


I will enter the giveaway, thanks for the generosity.


I don’t need this, just dropped in to say thank you for bring so kind! :blush:


Hey another new profile pick!

Nice drawing as always :slight_smile:


Been playing overwatch through free weekends and i really enjoyed the game and i would love to own it.
Goodluck everybody and merry x-mas!


I’d like to taken part of this giveaway c:
Thank you for this nice giveaway ^^


always wanted to try Overwatch, since i mostly play other blizzard games


Playing it on a friend’s account. Wouldn’t be bad to have my own. I’m in :slight_smile:
Thank you