Newly Released Music Thread.



this is what i’m listening right now, i think i’ve shared it on new release a while back, still in my daily rotation


Just checked out some of the stuff MGK has released the past week and man it’s good.

And a few days ago he released a cover of a Billie Eilish’s song called Ocean Eyes.





Man, NF is literally one of the best rappers out there, Love his music.

Crypt & Vin Jay put out a banger recently.

and MGK Love this song and the overall sound of it i love when he does these rock styled songs.



One of you metal lovers please explain:

@xist maybe? hahah


Gladly I will - Japanese, end of explanation.


Haha no, for real.

Who are these guys? Why the fancy clothes? Why the makeup?

I’m not a metal fan but I quite like this. It’s weirdly compelling.



Usually, every sub genre in rock and metal music is tied to particular look and what not that was established by mainly the bands that managed to blow up the newly made sub genres.

I know it’s not the appropriate thread, but I will give few examples


Glam rock >

Metalcore (crap) >

Heavy Metal >

Black Metal >

Marilyn Manson (LOL) >

Trash Metal >

Hard Rock >

Industrial >

and many many more …

After all that you have Japan… Japanese something-whatever and they have their own “laws” for style and whatever they do as music like in every other aspect of their existence … Unexplained to the rest of the human world.



I see nothing particularly strange that require explanation. The main guy is dressed in traditional Japanese garb and plays metal. Most if any ‘weirdness’ I see is mostly western metal style and theatrics, the makeup, the headbanging the occasional tongue wiggling and such comes through mostly everywhere metal is played.

Though I guess it clashes a bit with the fancy Japanese clothes, but then so does the music anyway. They’re pretty good at it too.


I fully agree with Fraggles.

In addition to that…

There are two things I immediately think of when I see the bassit’s makeup:

  1. Kabuki theatre which is traditional Japanese theatre where they use similar makeup
  2. Corpse paint which is widely used by death and black metal bands

I think it’s ingenious that the bassist is wearing it, especially with his facial expressions. Can’t think of anything that combines metal and japan in a more elegant way :smiley:

And thanks for sharing, it’s awesome! :slight_smile:


head bang

Yes, I like this better by far. The Cranberries lead’s voice crawls under my skin after a while, talented as she is, dude I loves this! :heart:


Nope, Breaking Benjamin are my humans. ^^


when you’re listening to BB on YT and get a chrono notification about the very same… o.0


As far as Japanese bands go this lot seem tame…the Visual Kei scene will blow your mind. In this instance I think the kimono thing is a gimmick, and they seem to have more in common with a band like Kiss than your standard corpse paint wearing church burners.

They’re quite groovy though…



i’d play a video game that looks like that :+1: the song is nice, but what I enjoyed the most is the weird setting + how shabby everything looks. Contrasts heavily with most new music videos that I see on YouTube. Maybe it’s just because of my music preferences, but most videos look so perfectly polished, and that’s nice, but it’s cool to see a unique texture from time to time.


Michael Kiwanuka is bae :yellow_heart: