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Newly Released Music Thread.



Oh boy, you’re not familiar with At the Gates? You’re in for a treat with Slaughter of the Soul

I don’t listen to that much Melodic Death these days but do you know any of these?


and one with much more obvious cleans and incredibly catchiness, which I’ve posted before -


Latest release from one of my favourite bands! (video has flashing lights)


New James Blake album out.

That’s my favorite of the bunch, but I haven’t given it a proper listen yet.


I haven’t shared anything for awhile now so here are some new songs that I have been enjoying.



The teaser for the upcoming Jordan Rudess solo album is something else.





My favorite band just released a remaster of their first album, and they’ll be giving the same treatment to all their other albums over the next few months.


Kinda old (came out 2 months ago) but still worth a share, it’s one of my favorite songs from OLN (Our Last Night) latest EP.