Newly Released Music Thread.



Oh boy, you’re not familiar with At the Gates? You’re in for a treat with Slaughter of the Soul

I don’t listen to that much Melodic Death these days but do you know any of these?


and one with much more obvious cleans and incredibly catchiness, which I’ve posted before -


Latest release from one of my favourite bands! (video has flashing lights)


New James Blake album out.

That’s my favorite of the bunch, but I haven’t given it a proper listen yet.


I haven’t shared anything for awhile now so here are some new songs that I have been enjoying.



The teaser for the upcoming Jordan Rudess solo album is something else.





My favorite band just released a remaster of their first album, and they’ll be giving the same treatment to all their other albums over the next few months.

Edit: They took down their original Bandcamp page for it so I’m just going to link to their website which seems to be the only place to download their music now. Thanks to @AcornAvenger for pointing this out to me by liking my post a bit over a year after I posted it.


Kinda old (came out 2 months ago) but still worth a share, it’s one of my favorite songs from OLN (Our Last Night) latest EP.


7 hours ago. :fire:





This is one of my recent favorites from Jelly Roll, The lyrics and beat are so good.

Recently discovered The Tech Thieves thanks to CloudKid there sound is so good.

And here is a pretty fire song by Rival ft. Micah Martin.


A playlist for a jazz album I really liked recently (Trust in the lifeforce of the deep mystery by comet is coming):

Also a very recent post punk single from a band that released an incredible post punk album last year:


New Vampire Weekend album is out and I think it’s pretty spicy. This is my fav song on the album hands down