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Newly Released Music Thread.



Siamés just released a remix on their youtubes, a Spanish speaking band, that i think you should listen to. Just for posterity sake, i’m also gonna add a SEIZURE WARNING.

Still only has a single album under the belt. Filling the downtime with remixes until they finish, probably?

Seajeff doesn’t even have 200 subs yet and probably had less than a 100 before his boost from Twitter.
A preview video to his new album releasing this tuesday.

You know that feeling of nostalgia for an age you never knew? That’s how i feel currently.



I think the guitar could use a little more reverb!


I got a fever that can only be cured with more reverb!


I’ve been listening to the second evership album that just came out.


So i heard of this rapper called Upchurch for awhile but never gave him a listen until recently and I’ll say I’m a fan of Upchurch & Country Rap (HickHop) now. [Warning: Some Language]

Upchurches latest solo song.

This song is from a recent collab album with Demun Jones & Upchurch, which i really like.

And Another Country Rap artist i found is Adam Calhoun and he is pretty good.

here is a song Upchurch & Adam Calhoun collabed on.

and last but not least latest a collab with Adam Calhoun & Katie Noel.


I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for these sort of fan songs


@yitzilitt same one of my favorites is this


If you’re a huge fan of Arctic Monkeys like myself, you’ll probably enjoy this
Been a while since I heard from this band as well


And then Arctic Monkeys decided to upload this on the next day, haha

I can’t dance, but this song is perfect to
Anyone wanna teach me how to dance?


Wow those guys do sound very similar to the Artic monkeys
This came out a few months ago which I like from a New Zealand band

and this is some of their earlier songs which I think I like a little more


Always interesting to see artists return from oblivion well past their prime. Can’t say I’m a fan of the song, but I love the video.


I like the fan vids with the old Disney cartoons.


The new dream theater song is alright, I guess.


I don‘t think those cymbals are hanging high enough. Everyone knows good drummers build their kits for maximum discomfort! :sweat_smile: