Newly Released Music Thread.



Siamés just released a remix on their youtubes, a Spanish speaking band, that i think you should listen to. Just for posterity sake, i’m also gonna add a SEIZURE WARNING.

Still only has a single album under the belt. Filling the downtime with remixes until they finish, probably?

Seajeff doesn’t even have 200 subs yet and probably had less than a 100 before his boost from Twitter.
A preview video to his new album releasing this tuesday.

You know that feeling of nostalgia for an age you never knew? That’s how i feel currently.



I think the guitar could use a little more reverb!


I got a fever that can only be cured with more reverb!


I’ve been listening to the second evership album that just came out.


So i heard of this rapper called Upchurch for awhile but never gave him a listen until recently and I’ll say I’m a fan of Upchurch & Country Rap (HickHop) now. [Warning: Some Language]

Upchurches latest solo song.

This song is from a recent collab album with Demun Jones & Upchurch, which i really like.

And Another Country Rap artist i found is Adam Calhoun and he is pretty good.

here is a song Upchurch & Adam Calhoun collabed on.

and last but not least latest a collab with Adam Calhoun & Katie Noel.


I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for these sort of fan songs


@yitzilitt same one of my favorites is this


If you’re a huge fan of Arctic Monkeys like myself, you’ll probably enjoy this
Been a while since I heard from this band as well


And then Arctic Monkeys decided to upload this on the next day, haha

I can’t dance, but this song is perfect to
Anyone wanna teach me how to dance?


Wow those guys do sound very similar to the Artic monkeys
This came out a few months ago which I like from a New Zealand band

and this is some of their earlier songs which I think I like a little more


Always interesting to see artists return from oblivion well past their prime. Can’t say I’m a fan of the song, but I love the video.


I like the fan vids with the old Disney cartoons.


The new dream theater song is alright, I guess.


I don‘t think those cymbals are hanging high enough. Everyone knows good drummers build their kits for maximum discomfort! :sweat_smile:


It’s that time of year that if your a Spotify user you get your yearly recap & playlist showing your top songs of the year & a playlist of recommended songs to check out different styles of music.
So below are songs that were recommended to me that i liked.

So this is one is kinda cool i heard of all kinds of rock before but never Medieval rock untill now and i gotta say its pretty nice. (Medieval Rock)

and this is a Pop/Rock band called Bones & Bridges & i think this is a band that’ll keep on my radar. (Pop/Rock)

This is a pretty good Metal song i like the style of it.(Metal/Post-Hardcore?)

and here is a atmospheric / viking war sounding band. it’s a pretty cool genre worth checking out. (Medieval/Instrumental/atmospheric)

This wasn’t part of the Spotify recommended songs but was suggested by Youtube a month ago & i wanted to share it, this is a cool sounding band they are called The HU and they are a Mongolian Rock band its any interesting style and i love it. (Mongolian Rock)


My all time favorite bands will have new albums in the next year!

Unfortunately I lost even more trust in IN FLAMES being able to pull something decent after Jesper Strömblad left the band back in 2010 after checking those two new songs:

what’s this children chant, srsly?! ;( All the clear lyrics and on top of that positive shit?! It doesn’t fit them at all especially if you are familiar with their first 15 years.

I don’t know how to describe this one even… when the Martin Wallström guy is in my face constantly (I have no idea who he is) and he is not even singing the whole thing and just lip synching most of Anders Fridén… I’m baffled and really confused and I can’t even compliment the music … it’s 3rd grader shit…

Anyway… Children of Bodom is what matters>

It’s even a bit back to the basics from them, kinda Hate Crew Deathroll from 2003. Alexi never disappoints :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, so Dream Theater’s new single is pretty bloody brilliant.


Just saw that you posted this…at what point did you go off In Flames? They lost me at Come Clarity…before that I was on board, but Come Clarity didn’t grab me at all. If you’re looking for some Swedeath At The Gates have just put a new release out -


Wow, thank you! I’ve never heard of those guys before and now checking them out - they are originally 90’s band and it really shows! The vocals are great - like the before the 2000s In Flames! I will for sure listen through their albums.

About In Flames we are pretty close when they lost us it seems :smiley:. I kinda liked some of Come Clarity (Crawl Through Knives, Vacuum, Pacing Death’s Trail…) like compared to the 2002 one - Reroute to Remain (don’t like single thing about it). I even enjoy a lot of the 2004 - Soundtrack to your Escape (their best album after the 2000s for me). They were like constantly in ups and downs for me at that period, so I knew that shit’s gonna hit the fan and yep - A sense of Purpose album :smiley:. I still buy their albums, because they are still better than lots of new bands and I can find some songs to enjoy, but I always have this bad taste in my mouth how much they’ve changed … and all that group singing in almost every chorus now on top of the fact that the guitar riffs aren’t even close to how edgy they were back in the days…

My favorite album is Colony followed by Jester Race and Whoracle of course :slight_smile: