Newly Released Music Thread.



100th post. Without content. Suck it. :grimacing:



@coralinecastell This is good!

Also I may have accidentally listened to this more than 10 times by now, and i may have accidentally entered my credit card info and accidentally pre-ordered the upcoming album. Whoopsie :smile:

(Yeah, Khalid is awesome, i like his style and voice and the vibe he’s giving.)

@bellegueule Syntwave is love, thanks for sharing the album from NINA, never heard it but it’s great. :slight_smile:


it was the first vinyl release from Nina, and i got my hand on an autographed version Oo <3


Oh wow that’s awesome! :yellow_heart:


happy spookfest season y’all :smile:


A, from what I can tell, new name on the remix scene has had an entry accepted to OCRemix today with a remix of two not that frequently used tracks from the amazing Final Fantasy 6 soundtrack. “Another world of beasts” and “Dark world” both very lonely haunting sort of pieces now in a sort of funky jazz sort of rendition, which I found both strange but not unfitting. Though the transition could be more subtle I really rather enjoyed the track overall.

I hope some of you will as well


Just found Wolf Gartner on spotify and I’m amazed, they make really great tracks. (EDM)

Well it’s Imagine Dragons what can you say they always make great music. (Rock)

The Score is basically ID’s slightly cooler brother, The Score just like ID keep making fire songs. (Rock)

And Last but not least, A song to get in the holiday spirit from Tyler The Creator with a song for the New Grinch movie.


so, i’ve just discovered a girl that though was just a meme but her last album is actually great


The new Haken album “Vector” has dropped a few days ago, It is quite good!



Illmerica was my jam back in the day!


This fucks my mind. It’s too progressive. Like the pop parts, but I have a hard time with the metal in combination with her. :sweat_smile:
I think the album prior was just plain pop?


maybe, never been able to listen more than 1 song of her new album xD

but the two song are the only two that has metal as a main part of it,

other example of song

who are also good,

and lastly the full album


It’s very tongue-in-cheek and poking fun at pop music as a whole, although that’s just my interpretation. Aristocrat for example with that top 100 beat and samples straight from some Magix Music Maker CD just can’t be serious music. I liked Poppy before as a character, but guess I’ll never get into her music.

But now that I’ve listened to these two tracks I actually like “X” the most now, lol. The metal parts are so cringey, but the rest is good.


Wow i’m very late, but this Gorillaz song is so great, fresh and engaging. And so is the video. Haven’t felt so connected since Melancholy Hill or even El Manana.



This channel is my life. Just discovered her. :yellow_heart:



Latest single from Switchfoot which i like, it has a nice pop/rock vibe to it. (Pop/Rock)

Latest Single from Papa Roach and this is my favorite song out of the last few singles they recently released so far. (Rock)

I just want to say Spotify is one of the best things ever made, always suggesting great artist and this is one of them. (Rock/Punk)


idk if we will have a new tour but i really didnt expect anything new from slipknot

Edit: i also started listening to Kpop And Krap (do not mix Krap and Crap)

i’m not a league player but that aesthetic and the attention to detail in this skin trailer is awesome (look at the Lamborghini when the girl push it, )


Getting strong Iowa and Self-Titled vibes from that one! I like the throwback!

And that Krap song is dope. I hate that I love it so much.