Newly Released Music Thread.



Post any Newly Released Music (Preferably within the current year) that you are currently listening to and that you want to share with your fellow Chrono buddies.

What sort of discussions do you want to see within the Chrono community?
I'm bored.
Pass the AUX

So I’ll start, both of these are Post-Hardcore, it’s one of my favorite genres.

Our Last Night - Fantasy Land
This song is there newest original song.

Blessthefall - "I’m Over Being Under(rated)
This Song from there new album that came out last week and it’s one of my favorites from it.


Harsh…can’t we stretch it to the current year so that things that we might have missed can be included? Anyway, new album released today


I’ve waited years for this. My brother and I are jamming to it constantly since it came out. Olly is just <3

Also loving the new Everything Everything music videos, been a fan of them for a long time.

This is basically a short movie by Son Lux, it’s… outstanding


Really liked this, thanks! For some reason his vocals reminded me of the early days of 3 Days Grace, my favorite band through my early teens.

@xist dear, I think we have a very different taste in music haahah :sweat_smile:


Changed it to say Current Year, & You got some unique music taste. :slightly_smiling_face:

@coralinecastell Year & Years, & Everything Everything sound pretty good might give them both more of a listen later. and I’m glad i was able to suggest you OLN. & Three days grace is one of my favorite bands well New Three days Grace that is, I’m not big fan of some of there older stuff. But i like what new Lead singer Matt is doing with the band. I have both of the Albums Matt is on.


It’s the little differences that make life interesting… :wink:
Well, I do have an incredibly broad taste in music…this album also got released recently and is on my hit-list

As is this (no video, so Bandcamp it is!)



You know I play the violin, right? Just finished my weekly violin class and I hadn’t heard of Bartók before! And that Renaud Capuçon fellow is simply outstanding! And what a beautiful violin he has. Those vibratos… amazing! I’ll definitely hunt him down!

Here’s what I’m currently learning on the violin, for the curious:

And woah hand’t head Tomb before. Thanks for sharing it! Funeral Flower sounds amazing.

And to try and put the thread back on track:

Seinabo Sey is :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Here is the single Bulletproof from Godsmack’s new album

Also a couple of new songs from Varien. I came across this guy while watching one of FrankieonPCin1080p’s videos.


It’s wonderful and I could listen to that all day. I actually had violin lessons when I was very young…should really have stuck with it but I was an idiot.


I have been obsessively listening to the Persona 5 sound track over the past week or so. It contains a fair amount of ambient music, which still isn’t bad by any means, but let me pick out a few of my favourites for you:
Lets start with the intro

You’d think the main battle theme would get tiresome eventually, turns out no.

This absolute banger plays only during certain special situations, quite a shame.

Best for last, you wont get this amazing thing until the last few hours of the game.

I can’t stop listening to this stuff, send help!


Goddamnit! I’ve also been listening to the Persona 5 ost, on and off the last 6 months, simply godlike.

Seriously Atlas. If they would just port it to pc i would buy it on a whim just for the soundtrack. :tired_face:


Bad Wolves - Zombie (Metal,Heavy Metal)
Found out about them a hour ago and i already love there music.

Flight Paths (Danno Aaron) Cover of Mike Shinoda - Watching As I Fall (Hard Rock, Metal)

Shinedown - THE HUMAN RADIO (Hard Rock, Metal)


Sadly, not a patch on the original.


mock me if you wish, :blush: but i still like it just the same :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My current fav song


so i was listening to

and because also listened to @TR3NT’s bad wolves YT gave me a playlist to listen to that contain all these 3 songs

i’m not having a too bad time listening to this rando list :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:


KB - No Chains (HipHop/Rap)

From Ashes To New - Forgotten (Metal/Hard Rock/Rap)


Cassus - Ceaseless Tumult from the album Separation Anxiety

This is good. :blush:


Another song from godsmack’s new album