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Newly Released Music Thread.



Thanks for getting me into Godsmack i love there new album especially the song Take It To The Edge.



R&B III (Rhythm & Booze yo!) Authority Zero’s third live album
This one of very few bands of which I actually like their live albums. It’s all acoustic unlike their regular stuff so it all sounds a bit new despite it all being old songs.


still going on with BB Ember

and shinedown Attention Attention

and a little FFDP too

(i think we already covered Godsmack’s new album here ? :thinking:)
and probably some more i’m forgetting


New Grouper album (I know no-one will even click play but you’re missing out…)


didn’t know the band, just recalled that word being a type of fish, i think, whiiich lead my thoughts in a bit of a “slightly veering of course” trail… -lemon and dill/parsley okay with this? :thinking: :dizzy_face:
:blush: aaanyways

i always click play… i think it’s why clickbaits especially love me :thinking:, can’t help but click the buttons :man_shrugging:, it calls, -beckons me to push that play button so much when presented :no_mouth::hushed:
even if it’s something i don’t want to watch. Must, press, button! :persevere:
in this case i’m glad i did, that’s some really nice stuff there :+1:, definitely going to check out some more from them later :hugs:


Woot! Just discovered an awesome new find on Bandcamp! (sample track)


Well, this is really not my thing (saying “I don’t get it” would be too strong a statement but it’s just not for me), but I saw this whilst browsing new music releases and know that it might be more to other peoples taste, especially those who like some of the heavy/light Japanese stuff -

Yuzukingdom - Genesis

Sample songs


Agreed not for me either, But wow never knew there was Japanese Deathmetal.


The music there is really good, but I do not enjoy growly stuff at all and that always ruins it for me. Kind of a shame, their vocalist has a quite lovely voice otherwise. Hard even to imagine she’s actually doing the growling, looks real weird in that first video.

Edit: This showed up in the up next recommended videos to one of the previous ones and while it’s a bit off topic as it’s certainly not new. I thought it worth sharing because… well it was really good and kind of amusing. So here’s for @TR3NT japanese metal with some actual japanese influences and kabuki theatre for some reason.


Listened to BabyMetal before and yeah that’s much better then Yuzukingdom. :slight_smile:


Here’s a hot fresh off the stove rearrangement from Ocremix by Andrew Thompson. A very lovely Chrono trigger medley.


Doomy heavy metal -


I’d like to share with you guys Juno Reactor and their track called “Solaris”. It is amazing.


Surprise new Converge EP - Beautiful Ruin

Beautiful Ruin previews


I prefer the live version. I know that’s probably weird to some people, but…


this totally counts as new :joy:


Awesome that someone else listens to this guy…I went through a huge chunk of his stuff a week or two ago. He really looks like he enjoys making music and seems to have the rare gift of enjoying the “work” he does. He’s done some pretty good collaborations too.




Just found these two newer songs, two different styles…why not? :slight_smile: