Newly Released Music Thread.



I just really wanted to highlight a small band from Belgium that deserves so much more attention. Especially with a new album coming out, feel free to check out (or ignore, whatever floats your boat!)




I have been listening to Stranger Fruits by Zeal and Ardor for the past week and decided to buy a physical copy of it. It came out in June but I only recently found it. Quite a unique black metal album and definitely an artist I’m going to follow.
My favourite song from the album:


Although my taste in music doesn’t really align with what you guys listen, here’s some chill stuff I just discovered:¹

New album out on Bandcamp and it’s lit af. :fire:

¹AKA ‘YT recommended it to me.’

@Rhyagelle I only checked ‘Solaris’ out now – yeah, two months too late – but bloody hell, it is amazing.



Ah! I’m glad you liked it! It is one of my favorite tracks of theirs. :slight_smile:


This was a Spotify suggested song a week or 2 ago & i have been enjoying it.

Then there is Prismo, been listening to this guy for a bit now and just love his music.


Since I wanted to start a music thread before but never did, I should probably post something here right?

I’ve always loved these guys work and once again they present me with a new amazing track.


I Had a Dream Last Night by Abakus, from an album that brings me absolute peace.


Haven’t listened to those guys in a long time. I probably have to give the new albums a listen tomorrow.
I remember being introduced to them with the awesome 9 trailer, Welcome Home is excellent.


The first time I heard them was while playing NHL 09, The Running Free was featured in the OST. Along with that, I got hooked on Billy Talent and they also had Panic! at the Disco. One of the best part of these sports games is finding out good new bands.


Another Abakus song, this time something a bit more…quick. :slight_smile:

(Futurism is a great album!)


Love these guys, can’t wait for the new album drop. :blush:


+YT just recommended me some De La Soul :yellow_heart: They’re PURE FIRE. :fire: Damn good rappers.

EDIT2: Language warning… seriously. haha


Well, with a small break from Abakus (more will be posted!), how about some Deltron 3030? Featuring the greatest, the best, the BEASTS, Dan the Automator, Kid Koala, and Del the Funky Homosapien* (As Deltron Zero)? :sunglasses:

*Fun Fact: ^ he’s the cousin to Ice Cube
( by the way, this album is absolutely insane! And yes, that is the same dude who sung in the Gorillaz song Clint Eastwood.)

And something that is smoother than my boys in Deltron 3030. Probably one of their best singles, in my opinion, but then again I think most of their music was worthy of hitting the charts.


New Entombed -

Chelsea Wolfe live -


Why wouldn’t she have Color of Blood in her set?! After the Fall live tho :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:



Heard it once since my Instagram feed was filled with it, but don‘t know if I like it yet. What do you think?


I heard it once as well after it kept popping up on my youtube feed, and i thought i’d share it here.

But honestly i like the vibe it has, the beat is chill, his voice is chill, but i don’t know what to say about the video and the lyrics yet, i would probably have to dive into it deeper to get it. One listen may have not been enough for me for that.



This is really good!