Newly Released Music Thread.



And my boy Big Pun. Still listen to his music every day. I wish he was still around.


This is just a reminder for everyone since there has been more post lately, that this is for “New Releases” that came out in the current year. some older songs are ok every now and then but this is mostly only for newer songs.


New album from Louis Cole (part of Knower) came out a few days ago, released on Brainfeeder. Have to give it a proper listen, but there’s some good songs on there just skipping through. However there’s lots of slow stuff I’m not instantly into.


New Thrice -


Apparently this was already released in 2016 and I didn’t notice it at all, despite Justice being amongst my favorite artists in the past, but the music video is fresh out of the oven.

Don’t know. It’s okay, but really disappointing considering how much I loved them back in the day.


New Dir En Grey album…


Meu novo hino [my new anthem]:

NSFW Translation


Some good stuff is on the way - First of all Disturbed with their 8th album on 19th of October.

And now for the heavier stuff… Soulfly with their 11th album again on 19th of October.

BTW @coralinecastell this is a Brazilian jewel in metal… just saying :stuck_out_tongue:


WOW, that’s different from the Soulfly I’ve listened to back in the day, but I only had their self-titled LP to be fair. Also suprised that Cavalera is still the vocalist?! I thought he left and that doesn’t sound like him anymore. Man, times are chaaaaaaaanging.

And to contribute something here’s a track off the new Pig Destroyer album

Digging it, but after listening to the album a couple of times it gets old REAL fast.


2mello is always on point. it’s hard not bopping along on the beat

also do check out the Jet Set Radio celebration album he did prior this year

Do you perchance recall some guy called ‘SkyDoesMinecraft’? Don’t worry, he used to only play Minecraft,(duh) but then decided to leave his whole persona and career behind after having total burnout. He then much later returned as NetNobody. The musician.
This album. Mixtape? Feels like the collective emotions he had in the time frame in between these personas’ .

Sound quite nice. Would sleep to again.


Haven’t listened to much music lately but here are some recent finds i like.

This came out a few months ago but i totally missed it and only just listened to it last week and it’s another Fire song from NF.

A recent Rock remake from Our Last Night.

Not there latest song but i really like this one.


This band is his own baby so I doubt he will leave it until he decides to retire :stuck_out_tongue:. He made it right after he left Sepultura and turned out better at least for me. You should really check all the albums 'till Dark Ages from 2005 included. They were really great. After that it went a bit strange for me… Probably this new one “Ritual” being described by him as tribal-thrash metal might get me a bit more back to their sound.


The Score dropin some great music. The Score is basically Imagine Dragons 2.0 now.


Maybe a bit too mainsteam, but oh wells. ^^
@coralinecastell Years & Years and Everything Everything <3 <3 <3

Older track but new vid.




Troye is soooooo awesome as well. Bloom is perfection. And as for still feel I may have already shared here but I’m not sure… Anyways, lovely tracks!

Have something:

I’m obsessed about Cosmo Sheldrake. :butterfly:


Did you just mention Everything Everything or was it supposed to be a video there? Get to Heaven was doooope!


Coraline posted a video from them back in March. ^^

I was just jumping on the hype train.


Ooooohhhhhh, now I get it! Thanks!