Newly Released Music Thread.




This is pretty heckin’ amazing. Thanks so much @HouGuard! :blush:

Son Lux is :yellow_heart: Kinda disturbing clip start, though.

Steve Aoki is :fire: allll over again. Perfect for exercising/shaking yo booty with friends. Clip/lyrics is some female sexualization crap, though. Head’s up.

YouTube recommended me this and it… somehow played out. :butterfly:


Don’t mention it. Might be the first song over 8 minutes i’ve heard that doesn’t feel drawn out. You should definitely check out more of Red Vox. Also if you didn’t know, the lead singer is Vinny from Vinesauce. :exploding_head:


The D is back!!! The greatest band in the world is back!

November 2!
You can watch their Post-Apocalypto mini youtube series here, but it’s not for kids for sure :smiley:

There’s no need to mention that the animation quality is FANTASTIC! Probably this cost’s Jack Black a fortune! The D did it again… revolutionized even the animation productions and effects… I’m mind blown!


Seeing the trailer I’d really wish for another Tenacious D movie, man. Good, easy-going comedies are so hard to come by these days it’s literally depressing.

Also @TR3NT, before I defile your thread. What was the limit for new releases again? Like how old could they be to be counted as new?


I recall him saying “this current year”.

Hey, now i’m wondering if remixes is allowed, or is that completely of the table @TR3NT?


The whole world is waiting for a new movie, but it’s hard… Jack got so famous that he forgot from where he started and was living as king of the world for way too long… Kyle on the other hand got into a mental institution and lost his mind… They barely recovered. It will be a great risk if they try to do another movie :rofl: That’s not an opinion - that’s a fact!

"Tenacious D was more talented than the Beatles, Stones and Zeppelin combined"


Your right.

remixes are fine too as long the remix was released in the current year.


Interesting, although not outstanding, cover -


JTM latest single.(Pop)

GAWVI’s latest single. (Pop)

Disturbed’s latest Fire single. (Metal)

Polyphia The instrumental rock gods latest song from there latest album New Levels New Devils. (Rock/Metal Instrumental)


That’s generous!

Discovered this through Needle Drop. Super weird at first and it’s definitely not something I would listen to on the go, definitely requires all your attention, but it slowly grows on me.

His debut was amazing and the follow-up released recently, although most of the tracks were spread throughout the year, so I know half of it already. Wish he released it as one thing, but it’s still a good record.

New Behemoth. Didn’t know about it until YouTube suggested a review video of it, don’t know if I gonna give it a listen yet. Some of the singles aren’t really my thing. God=Dog is the most accessible of the songs I’ve heard.


The Satanist was great…I’m not sure I’m feeling this one just yet either…


Flashling lights warning for this one.


Shared on the currently listening/watching/whatever thread. This boy is one of a kind seriously. :blush:

Some Brazilian stuff for my brasil bois:

I literally danced this TO THE GROUND with a dude yesterday at 3AM while high on 5 different kinds of alcohol.

Time of my life. :joy:

@Enki @Agetime OLHA ESSE HINOOOOO :yellow_heart:

(‘look at this anthem’)


Whenever i feel agitated or anxious, something light and calm like acapella always eases me down.

I’m so happy Smooth McGroove has returned.


please tell me somebody filmed this scene :joy::joy::joy:

And taking advantage of the fact that I’m here and I just realized that I’ve never published anything (in this post :sweat_smile:)

Gorillaz - Humility (Official Video)

Balara - Guarde Na Mente - Clipe Oficial ( Keep In Mind - Official Video )

Ferdi - Na Pele (In the skin)



Convinced she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world :heart_eyes:

Been in love with her for several years, before she went on hiatus. So glad she’s back and on fire! :butterfly:

@NICK9X9 Khalid is bloody fantastic!!! :yellow_heart:


currently listening to mostly synthwave(and other wave genre)
Dark all day from Gunship ->
SleepWalking from Nina ->

i’m also listening to GhostMane… but i have no idea how to describe his style, feel free to give it a try
N/O/I/C/E from GhostMane - >
Hexada from Ghostmane(older but still a good reference) ->


Ghostmane is trap at its core with the difference that the rap part is influenced by punk, metal and the like.