Newly Released Music Thread.



She’s back and I almost forgot the huge ass crush I have on her. THANKFULLY I JUST REMEMBERED IT ALL IN 4 MINUTES AND 22 SECONDS.

Check this girl out! :yellow_heart:


The song isn’t exactly new, but this is a new videoclip version of it for the holidays :christmas_tree:
Based on a true story btw, kappa


For those who may have missed it

Oh sweet Lauren with her beautiful voice, Iain and Martin with the awesome instrumentals and now even better with an orchestra backing them up! :heart:




hey man, just got back to our motherland today /breathes in deeply/ nice to have this track to listen to. Obrigada for remembering me (:


They released a music video of it now \o/





lol yaaaaassssss :tada:


Fun story, I was trying to sleep, but soon after, I started dreaming with my ex, and probably the love of my life, I got this old song stuck in my head that I couldn’t figure out the exact lyrics, so it woke me up and I was searching for these lyrics with no luck at all but I found this new song from Evanascence, hooray. :confused:



I had to… :heart: Aw the cute flops is growing up.



Released in late 2019 and released in tandem with an update to Clone Hero:

Troopers of the Stars
Extreme Power Metal
DragonForce, 2019, Power Metal


Do covers count? Because I went into this expecting a joke and left with it added to my playlist.


I’d say so.

Anyway…this song was composed and released back in 2018.
Cat Keyboard for the win.
Kittens Away
Anders Enger Jensen, 2018, Synth Prog


I can’t with this cover. I cannot. I don’t want to laugh… resists



DJ Cummerbund bringing us a 2020 song if there ever was one.