Newly Released Music Thread.



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i.e. music released before the 20th century


Any genre? May I suggest you the Netherlands Bach Society on YouTube?

They’re one of my favorite YouTube channels. :blush:


I’ll check it out


@coralinecastell @Agetime You guys might enjoy this one!


This song is simply awesome :heavy_heart_exclamation:, thanks @Enki! :hibiscus:


Eu tinha esquecido de escutar aiii obrigada pelo lembrete @Agetime! :blush:

Adorei. Obri, Enki :heart:


:warning: WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.


No love for the new Opeth album?



@Enki I fucking LOVE Tame Impala holy sloth thanks so much for linking. :hugs:




(Teaaammm look at this national anthem)

The usual suspects y’all @Enki @Silk @Agetime



Man I adore Arcade :fire:

No idea a new track came out so ty so much for sending here, my dude. Here’s something 4 u:

The track itself is an old classic, but video clip is super new (14th Nov.), so I hope it suits the thread. Love this man. :yellow_heart:

tagging my bros who like some piano ayy @Vandem @Fraggles @xist






hollllllyyyyyy guacamooooleeee my dudeeeeeeeee :avocado:

estouro!!! :fire:


video clip is out boiiiissssss

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