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Newly Released Music Thread.



@coralinecastell @Agetime You guys might enjoy this one!


This song is simply awesome :heavy_heart_exclamation:, thanks @Enki! :hibiscus:


Eu tinha esquecido de escutar aiii obrigada pelo lembrete @Agetime! :blush:

Adorei. Obri, Enki :heart:


:warning: WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.


No love for the new Opeth album?



@Enki I fucking LOVE Tame Impala holy sloth thanks so much for linking. :hugs:




(Teaaammm look at this national anthem)

The usual suspects y’all @Enki @Silk @Agetime



Man I adore Arcade :fire:

No idea a new track came out so ty so much for sending here, my dude. Here’s something 4 u:

The track itself is an old classic, but video clip is super new (14th Nov.), so I hope it suits the thread. Love this man. :yellow_heart:

tagging my bros who like some piano ayy @Vandem @Fraggles @xist






hollllllyyyyyy guacamooooleeee my dudeeeeeeeee :avocado:

estouro!!! :fire:


video clip is out boiiiissssss

@Enki @NICK9X9 @PeteMcc



She’s back and I almost forgot the huge ass crush I have on her. THANKFULLY I JUST REMEMBERED IT ALL IN 4 MINUTES AND 22 SECONDS.

Check this girl out! :yellow_heart:


The song isn’t exactly new, but this is a new videoclip version of it for the holidays :christmas_tree:
Based on a true story btw, kappa


For those who may have missed it

Oh sweet Lauren with her beautiful voice, Iain and Martin with the awesome instrumentals and now even better with an orchestra backing them up! :heart: