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Newly Released Music Thread.



Most of his songs have very good lyrics. Albeit somewhat cynical, depressed and political.



Modern music? Gross.


Okay, I admit there are a few modern songs I like but, its nothing compared to the 600+ classics I have.


What do you mean by this?

Classic as in classical music such as Baroque with Bach or Early Romantic with Beethoven?

Classic as in classic rock, with the likes of Queen?

Plis explain



@NICK9X9 :yellow_heart:


@coralinecastell :heart: _ :heart:


i.e. music released before the 20th century


Any genre? May I suggest you the Netherlands Bach Society on YouTube?

They’re one of my favorite YouTube channels. :blush:


I’ll check it out


@coralinecastell @Agetime You guys might enjoy this one!


This song is simply awesome :heavy_heart_exclamation:, thanks @Enki! :hibiscus:


Eu tinha esquecido de escutar aiii obrigada pelo lembrete @Agetime! :blush:

Adorei. Obri, Enki :heart:


:warning: WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.


No love for the new Opeth album?



@Enki I fucking LOVE Tame Impala holy sloth thanks so much for linking. :hugs:




(Teaaammm look at this national anthem)

The usual suspects y’all @Enki @Silk @Agetime



Man I adore Arcade :fire:

No idea a new track came out so ty so much for sending here, my dude. Here’s something 4 u:

The track itself is an old classic, but video clip is super new (14th Nov.), so I hope it suits the thread. Love this man. :yellow_heart:

tagging my bros who like some piano ayy @Vandem @Fraggles @xist